Top 10 Must-Have Products for His Bathroom

This month, our Metro Man gives great advice with the top 10 picks in skincare, hair and cologne for this season of back to work, back to school, back to basics.

#10: Hydropeptide Invigorating Body Wash: This two-in-one cleanser leaves hair more manageable and skin clean and youthful with the ingredients: peptides, hydrating marine extracts and lactic acid. Guys will feel fresh and invigorated after the gym shower or bath. The scent gave this product extra points over the competition.

#9: Hydropeptide 5X Power Peel: For the perfect date night or when it’s time to tame the mane, here is a product that makes your hair look sleek and well groomed. It’s made to tousle, texture and sculpture your hair. It features liquid bamboo and smells as a fresh as a summer breeze. We gave it extra points for the scent and heat protection.

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#8: Macadamia Nourishing Moisture: The best of the best for keeping your hair bright and shinny. We tried it for six weeks and discovered the positive results. Every man with or without facial and head hair should keep this in their medicine cabinet, i’s an elixir must-have. Trust us on this one.

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#7: Essence One Hand and Body Wash: This company’s mission is to help buyers restore a healthy life through the use of natural products and to bring awareness to natural mental health therapies. They only use 100% pure essential oils and natural colorants – their products are human and earth friendly. The Hand and Body wash scored very high on our gauge due to the fresh, clean scent.

#6: Essence One Facial Serum: This facial serum is made with essential oils including argan oil, jojoba wax and Vitamin D. Use it in the morning for moisturizing the face — all ingredients are organic.

#5: Wild Thera: It’s not the most pleasant topic or affliction, but men need to scratch from time to time. This salve for treading jock itch is made to relieve skin fungus, bug bites, ringworm, jock itch, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, heat rash, etc.

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#4: Miléo New York: Maroc D’Azur has created a new elixir that every man should keep in their bath. Made from various oils including Bulgarian blue flower, Australian blue cypress and Japanese white camellia seed, this elixir moisturizes and comforts the skin. We tested it. It works.

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#3: Dr Jackson’s: If you have puffy eyes from a night out or lack of sleep, we recommend the 05 Face And Eye Essence. It will reverse a multitude of sins and restore skin to its optimum condition. This product from the U.K. is worthy of a royal parade and moves up on our list because of the quality and results.

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#2: V76 by Vaughn: When guys need to look their very best and well groomed, we recommend this hair molding paste. The product is a flexible holding paste that adds shape and body to every hairstyle no matter the length. The scent is earthy and woodsy, very masculine. We tested this out on several models and the outcome was exactly what the product claims to be.

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#1: The Harmonist — Sacred Water: This month we found a cologne for men that takes all of the elements from nature. This elixir is made with top notes of peppermint, iodine note aldehydes, middle notes include the sea with marine notes, the base is cedar, grey amberand ozonic accord. The outcome is very alluring and masculine.

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