Top 5 Grooming Gift Sets To Help Tame Your Santa

“On Dasher! On Dancer! … and the rest of the stylin’ herd.”

1). Here is a grooming gift box by EUKA that is TSA approved and created for those moving and shaking by plane or sleigh. The canvas pouch is easy to pack and includes a wellness aromatherapy roller, sterile saline spray, shower bomb, sanitizing spray and wipes, and 15 count multi-vitamin — it’s the perfect gift for your Santa on-the-go.

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Available at EUKA and

Is your Santa also your superhero? If so, Every Man Jack is offering a limited edition of gifts.

2). Captain America, Black Panther and Spider-man gift sets include hydrating body wash, 2-in-1 shampoo plus conditioner and aluminum free deodorant.

This year, I recommend their Iron Man gift box for its holiday stamina through these trying times and its powerful crimson oak ingredient. The complete set captures the style and nature of Tony Stark and helps clean up those who were naughty and/or nice with a powerhouse punch. @everymanjack

 Santa didn’t grow a beard just to keep warm in the North pole, neither does the one on your list.

3). Your Santa will need to keep that frolic growth trim, conditioned and styled regardless of style. This Every Man Jack beard kit comes with beard and face wash, beard oil, beard butter and a beard comb. Yes, Santa, it’s possible to keep your face and beard clean when sliding down the chimney.

Every Man Jack

4). The Sweet Tobacco by Man Made 18.21 includes a detox bar and shower gel. Inspired by the jazz era, this gift set has the scent of saffron, vanilla, honey and tobacco. Masculine and pure, we like the fact that it comes a book #1.

18.21 Good Grooming

5). Coach for Men starts with energy on the top notes of green Nashi pear. The warmth comes from Cardamom. This scent ends with a textured base of vetiver—earthy, woody and green—layered with hints of suede and ambergris. We selected this gift set for its timeless and classic elements. Your Santa who likes a little pampering will love it.


Happy holidays from all of us at BNNYC Magazine.