Top 5 Men’s Grooming Products for the New Year

#5: Get a healthy glow to winter skin with OZ Naturals Ancient Orient Dermafoliant. This powder turns into a paste and is made with B5, Lactic Acid and Green tea extract. This simple regimen takes on a few minutes once or twice a week. You wet your face and pour a little of the powder in the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water and turn it into a paste with your fingers then apply it to the face, avoiding the eyes. For best results, leave it on the skin for 2 minutes so the lactic acid can penetrate. Wash away with warm water and pat dry with a towel. The outcome is noticeable. We tested it and it works.

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#4: Men need to moisturize their skin especially during the winter months. For gents who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, shrink pores and remove blemishes, the Instytutum Powerful Retin Oil renews dull, rough skin. With just a few drops of this oil in a moisturizer or sunscreen (spf 50 every day), the results will occur almost immediately.

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#3: Trussardi Riflesso cologne for men made our list for the season. With top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and green apple: Mid notes of lavender, violet and geranium, the base notes re Italian leather, vetiver and tonka bean. We chose this cologne for its midpoint price range and because women, by nature, have a stronger sense of smell than men.

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#2: With Movember over, some guys may want to step closer to their razor and trim down the whiskers. From sculpted to scruffy beards, The Body Shop offers Cedar and Sage Conditioning Beard Oil for Men. This is one option for gents to groom their facial hair like Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Drake or Chris Pine. We gave it a try and the outcome is exactly as the product states with a masculine scent of cedar and sage.

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#1: Cremo Hair Styling made our checklist for its high shine and styling capabilities. The pomade works for both short or long hairstyles and easy to apply with lasting hold. The gel won extra points for its light scent and non-greasy formula. Cremo Barber Grade Shine is a good product for making a slick hairdo, molding curly hair or taming the man mane.

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