Top 5 Products for Real Gentlemen this Season.

#5: Macadamia Professional – Make your hair look shiny and your skin vibrant with their Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment. This product nourishes, repairs split hairs and tames the mane. We chose it this season for the pro oil components of macadamia and argan. It’s made for the hair but I’ve also noticed a revitalizing non-greasy healthy glow on the skin.

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#4: VIM & VIGR – Not all socks are the same. This month we took a look at what covers the male hoof with style and comfort. VIM & VIGR are leaps and bounds ahead of the sock industry. These support socks will make any guy jump for joy with a wide range of colors but above all, they compress the calf for duration during his pounding of the pavement in the city and beyond.

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#3: Cremo – We chose this Body Wash for it’s light weight bottle, rich lather and moisturizing content but above all, the scent is reminiscent of the ocean. While the leaves are finally changing and there is a chill in the air, this product conjures up brisk walk on the beach. The scent it topped with mandarin, middle notes include dry sage and the base evokes warm woods. The end result after a shower is masculine and alluring.

We will revisit more products from Cremo in the coming weeks.

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#2: Dazi – This stylish and meticulously thin tie has garnered many compliments in the office, on the street and in the clubs. Uniquely designed with floral prints, interesting patterns and vibrant colors, we chose this neckwear for the season of dressing up. Further more the tie goes really well with a pair of jeans or formalwear. Dazi ranks very high on our list of must-haves.

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#5: Yves Saint Laurent The lamé velvet jacket is a brilliant color to match or mismatch the season depending on where you live. This garment comes in gold with a notched collar and satin-covered button closing. The style gained many points in our review but above all, the fabric color is as brilliant as the changing of the leaves from Central Park to Canada.

It’s available at more fine department stores.

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