What Should Be in Your Guy’s Bathroom?

This month, we suggest several new products for men to keep clean and well-groomed. Here are the best that we tested and approved: Lab Series, Every Man Jack, Olivina Men, Dr. Carver’s Beard Oil, Kristals Aquamarine: The Man Shaving Cream and Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Bar Soap.

Caswell-Massey has updated their look and several products, including one of our favorites: their Sandalwood Triple-Milled Soap. This bar soap has been a success for the company for many years and the current composition retains the ingredients from the past, while offering a fresher new hue, design, and packaging. The outcome is sheer perfection and their superior sandalwood conjures up good memories while creating a new story. This is an absolute must in the bath for both men and women, especially when getting ready for date night.

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Every Man Jack Face Lotion has an SPF 20 and while we suggest a higher level, this face lotion is convenient for men to put in their medicine cabinet or gym bag. It gets higher points this moth for it’s clean, fresh, and subtle scent. We always recommend a sunscreen even when the sky’s are cloudy.

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Show us a guy who doesn’t like beer or ginger and we’ll show you a man who’s missing out on a lot. The Olivina Men Ginger/Beer Deodorant is an essential for every men’s bathroom. The ginger gives the scent a little kick for gents to seize the day or night. The scent is fresh and more about the root than the brew.

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The Lab Series Three-in-One Shave and Beard Oil conquers multiple issues for men’s daily scraping regimen. The triple-blend grooming oil is made with sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil plus vitamins and hydrators to tackle the pre-shave, shaving and beard sheen. We tested it and like the results.

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Dr. Carver’s Beard Oil helps men sporting facial hair comb and groom their scruffiness. The oil softens the beard, goatee, or mustache while creating a healthy, clean and well-groomed appearance. With all of the graduations and weddings on the horizon, we think this is a necessity for gents to step up to the plate and closer to the mirror.

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The Metro Man Section tests many products for validity in our editorial coverage. This month, the luxury brand Kristals Acquamarine: The Man Soothing Shaving Cream appeared on our radar. The beautiful glass bottle and allantoin-infused cream surpassed all other shaving products. This belongs in the bath of men who really appreciate the difference between a Honda and a Lamborghini. The perfect father’s day gift for the perfect father – for us, it’s like the combination of luxury and art.

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