What’s In His Bathroom This Month?

This month, I chose several products for men to maintain their very best appearance as our economy slowly opens and we venture out into public and back to work. This is my selection of man stuff for gents to keep men cool, clean and well groomed. Following are my product picks to help guys endure warmer days and balmy nights.

#7: Gillette Hydrator is a hydrating body wash for dry skin relief. This body wash locks in skin’s moisture with a thick foam lather and high-performance clean. Gillette Hydrator won extra points for it’s long-lasting and masculine scent as well as moisturizing elements on the rougher parts of the male epidermis: palms, knees and elbows. The scent is invigorating.

Discover: https://gillette.com/

#6: To keep the man mane and scalp clean, healthy and moisturized, I recently tried Wanderer Hydrating Sage Black Pepper Hair & Scalp Shampoo. This effective shampoo is not tested on animals and made without sulfates, dyes or parabens. Just pour a little in your palm about the size of a quarter and massage into your hair and scalp. Rinse after a minute and you will feel a slight tingle from the ginger and mint ingredients. Created by The Dollar Shave Club, this shampoo leaves hair shinny, clean and healthy. Tried. Tested. True.

Click here: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/

#5: Made with Kaolin clay, activated charcoal and bakuchiol, (a natural chemical compound extracted from the babchi plant and native to India and Sri Lanka), Beast Face Mask has been on my radar for several month. This clay face mask draws out dirt, oil and impurities deep down in the pores. I tried it and it left my skin looking fresh, polished and a little more youthful. I recommend that you apply it 1 to 2 times a week. Note: Check the Metro Man column in the coming weeks for other tried and tested products from Beast.

Learn more: https://www.getbeast.com/

#4: I recently was introduced to Stryke Club by a friend and colleague. This line of hygiene products is primarily made for young men who suffer from acne and men with adult acne who want to rid blemishes. Today, I want to inform you about their Stryke Stick. The application pen is about the size of a marker. You apply the active ingredients through the soft sponge tip directly on the blemish. Repeat twice a day and you’ll notice a difference in your skin. In the coming weeks I will be reviewing Stryke Club’s power face and body wash that enhances blemish-free and even skin tone for men of all ages.

Read more: https://strykeclub.com/

#3: Kamedis Dermatology has created a product named Calm — it’s a therapy cream for those who suffer with eczema. I happen to be one of the sufferers most specifically with flair-ups during the change of seasons. Calm relieves and nurtures dry, irritated skin and rashes. This product is a homeopathic skin treatment made with botanical rhubarb. After one application, I noticed a difference without the annoying compulsion to scratch my neck, knees or elbows.

Learn more: https://kamedis-usa.com/

#2: For guys who need a little boost to their tired and stressed-out faces, I recommend Regenica. Their rejuvenating dual serum is applied to the face after washing and drying the face. It contains several effective ingredients including: copper, amino acid, peptides and their patented MRCx for rejuvenating next generation growth technology.  In other words it removes dead skin cells and exposes a newer level of handsomeness.  You will notice the difference after a just few applications. I did.

Click here: https://www.skinmedica.com/


#1: Perhaps not the most pleasant topic but necessary nonetheless. Men need to manscape especially if you tend to grow back and shoulder hair, a shag carpet on your chest and trim the under regions. Nads for Men makes it quick and easy. With warmer weather on the horizon, less body hair will make you cooler and more comfortable as well as presentable while wearing less clothing or a bathing suit. While this product can be used on the back, chest, arms, abs, legs and uni-brow, I chose it this month most specifically to remove nose and ear hair. Think about it. Most women look up to you. What do you think they see in your nostrils? A jungle! This kit is easy to use and makes hair removal last longer than clippers or shaving. Note: Never trim nose or ear hair with scissors. For under regions, use shears and a safeguard. . 

Discover their men’s products: https://nads.com/

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