What’s in his Bathroom this Month?

This month, our Metro Man gives great advice for skincare, hair, health and the best 5 products during the dog days of summer.

#1: Jasön Men’s Ocean Sport Body Wash: Get the sand out of your eyes and look up towards the sun with this all-in-one product that removes dirt, sweat and odor for face, hair and body. This body wash made our radar a few months ago and the scent made us convinced that this new version is worthy of the bath for all men. It’s made without parabens or harsh sulfates or petrolatum.

Check it out:


#2: Rule Breaker Firm Flexible Wax: For the perfect date night or when it’s time to tame the mane, here is a product that makes your hair look sleek and well groomed. It’s made to tousle, texture and sculpture your hair. It features liquid bamboo and smells as a fresh as a summer breeze. We gave it extra points for the scent and heat protection.

Available at major pharmacies.

#3: Macadamia Nourishing Moisture: The best of the best for keeping your hair bright ad shinny. We tried it for six weeks and discovered the positive results. Every man, with or without facial and head hair, should keep this in their medicine cabinet. It’s an elixir must-have. Trust us on this one.

See more here: https://macadamiahair.com/

#2: For whiter teeth and a bright smile, we tested Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Whitening Pen. This product not only works well but the natural flavor makes your breath fresh like coconut and mint mouthwash. The concept of the pen is based on the practices of oil pulling with additional ingredients that are effective: xylitol and zinc chloride.

Discover more here: https://drgingers.com/

#1: Sio for him is a smart concept that reduces wrinkles without surgery. It works. We tested the facial patches and discovered a difference over six weeks. The patches are applied separately to the brow, under the eyes and smile lines. You can wear them while sleeping or anytime that you have a few hours. The patches last up to 15 uses. They pads simply activate the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and collagen. We noticed a difference.

Make a purchase here: https://www.siobeauty.com/collections/sio-for-him

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