What’s Under His Arms this Month?

Made with charcoal, arrowroot and probiotics, Dr. Squatch Alpine Sage makes a man smell as fresh as a lumberjack before he goes to work. We tested this deodorant on several occasions and agree that a man who smells like a tree and plant that is derived from the mint family is better than a man who smells like a Neanderthal.

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Indie Lee Energize Deodorant will refresh and reset according to Taos Aer. The scent is a bit floral like a spring garden and made without aluminum or parabens. With so much time working from home, a man never smelt better than a tree and a hint of citrus. In other words, Spring.

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Tom Ford understands aesthetics, design and cologne. This deodorant hits the mark with a blend of his herbs, spices and floral elements. Neroli Portofino captures the essence of sailing off Molo Traghetti. This deodorant captures the scent of the open air and Mediterraneo. This deodorant is made with water and water and several fragrances such as limonene, unalool, geranol, citrall and ferneso and some ingredients may change depending on availability.

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