Women Talk About Men’s Underwear, Baldness and Manscaping

I took myself out of my comfort zone and asked a group of females some rather personal questions regarding men’s undergarments and personal grooming. While their answers didn’t surprise me, their candidness was eye opening. Here’s what I discovered.

It’s no surprise that men have insecurities; loss of hair (alopecia) is at the top of that list. According to the American Medical Association, about 95 percent of hair loss is caused by male pattern baldness (MPB). Approximately 40 million men are affected by MPB before the age of 30.

While Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Shemar Moore bring the “yowza” back to baldness, not every man can make the Hollywood chrome dome list.

However, my research reveals good news for guys.

Men should relax about male pattern baldness, this is not an issue for most women; baldness is fine, bald spots are not — a comb-over, hair plugs or obvious wig are major “no-no’s”. Confidence is key and fake hair or disguising your hair loss sends the wrong message.

For those who have to shave their face and head in between visits to the barber, I discovered a great item from HYD for Men. Razor Shield is a formula that you apply to traditional and disposable razors. The oils provide a smooth glide and a close shave while eliminating pulling, friction and razor burn. This product protects the blade and prolongs its usage by up to four times.

Check it out at http://hydformen.com.

I asked my group about their opinions regarding men’s underwear: Those 35 years old and up unanimously preferred boxers on men. The women under 35 also liked boxers but were open to briefs as long as the guy is in good physical shape — bikini bottoms and tighty-whities were a collective “no thank you”.

Overall, a proper fit should be the goal for men’s undergarments from the responses that I received.

I attended the 2013 fall fashion show for Jockey at The Museum of Design in Columbus Circle. The men’s collections include sport, modern and classic styles; the colors are much more subdued than their spring 2012 garments, but the quality and ply remain above par. Their men’s line consistently transforms with the times and the 2013 women’s collections, with the help of Rachel Zoe, include sporty activewear.

Photo by: PK Greenfield

All of the women that I interviewed preferred their man shirtless at bedtime, however, they also mentioned the purpose of undershirts in keeping men warm, dry and protecting their dress shirts. White t-shirts were least favored and one interviewee said, “Men should never wear a ‘wife beater’ (ribbed tank top) and they all should burn them like the bra burnings of 1968.” Well, there you have it!

See the Jockey collections at http://www.jockey.com.

When it came to the topic of manscaping, I got a mixed reaction. Several of them said that there should be no stubble beneath the neck. Others were adamant that men keep body hair trimmed, shaped or waxed. One respondent said she was going to buy her boyfriend a John Deer lawn mower and attach a love note as a hint. When I mentioned back hair, they all gave a collective absolute — this manscaping is a welcomed practice.

Photo by: PK Greenfield

Recently, Edge introduced several new products to their shaving line. Edge Body Renew and Body Recharge are a non-foaming shaving cream for the face and body. Edge Ultimate Achiever, Contender and Magnet are similar to the original gel and offer a 6 in 1 product: cleanse, moisturize, protect, soothe, soften and scent.

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The long and short of this poll: Security surpasses skivvies and finances surpass follicles but humor, dependability and love trump all.