9 Ways to Get Kid’s Wiggles Out this Winter

Photo couresy of Nook, the original Australian play sofa.

Looking for the perfect gift for the special little ones in your life? When it’s too cold to go outside, the days can feel especially long with kiddos (and parents!) cooped up inside. Add extended holiday breaks from school, and something’s got to give. Luckily we’ve found exciting solutions that get kids off the couch, moving, laughing, and using their imaginations – sans the screens. These nine finds offer creative thinking and group collaboration; they’ll be tired out by lunchtime!


Convert your stairs into a slide with patent-pending design.

Perfect for cold, winter days when the park is out of the question, Stair Slide to the rescue! A physical indoors alternative, imagine you’re sliding down a mountain, into the ocean, or down a fire shoot! This invention is made in the USA with durable recyclable plastics, with options to fit multiple stair configurations. StairSlide is a patent-pending children’s slide to place over existing stairs in the home via easy-to-assemble rubber grips and an interlocking design. Say goodbye to the days of sleeping bags, cardboard boxes and clothing hampers flying haphazardly through the house. Designed for age 3+, two setup options allow for the both the cautious slider and the thrill-seeker alike. Setup and take down are quick and simple for a go-to afternoon escape.

Price: $74.50+
Available: stairslide.com

Stomp Rocket Stomp Racers

Kid-powered and screen-free, Stomp Racers is an easy favorite.

Get those wiggles out and race! Stomp Racers is an air-powered and jump activated racing system from the popular Stomp Rocket brand. Easily assembled, this STEM.org Authenticated™ gift includes a stomp launcher, race car and ramp, perfect for inside or outside play. Stomp Racers encourages active play with jumping and movement while engaging little minds with concepts of speed and force. Great for ages 5+, sets are available for Single Racers ($19.99) or Dueling Sets($29.99) for a racing game.

Price: $19.99+
Available: StompRocket.com

Nook Play Sofa

Aesthetically pleasing, this kid’s couch looks beautiful and provides endless hours of fun.

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely scolded your child for jumping, pulling, swinging on or otherwise messing with your couch. Nook has got the solution for you: the original Australian-made modular play sofa is made especially for kids to let their imagination (and creative energy) run wild. Nook is comprised of 10 individual pieces of cushion fun to construct forts, space ships, obstacle courses, or whatever your little one can dream up. For both active play and calm, relaxed time, Nook is a cozy spot to snuggle up with a book or provide a sleepover spot for friends and guests alike. Functionally designed with double-stitched seams and machine washable covers, the Nook sofa can match any room with dozens of color options made with performance fabrics that are built to last. Thousands of five-star reviews shine the light on this evergreen item.

Price: $675
Available: mynook.com.au/

CoComelon My First Sing-Along Boombox

I would be willing to bet good money on the fact that the majority of parents of young children have had a CoComelon song stuck in their head at some point. Daily, that is! If your little ones are into CoComelon, the CoComelon My First Sing-Along Boombox is a great way to shut the screen off and continue the musical nursery rhyme fun. It’s a mini karaoke machine with 24 built-in songs including “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Twinkle Little Star,” and so many more. It’s bluetooth enabled, meaning additional content can be streamed wirelessly for endless musical performances. The boombox features a real working wired microphone attached for your young vocalist to enjoy. It’s kid-friendly in weight and size for all your shows on-the-go. Recommended for ages 18 months and up, get those vocals warmed up and prepare to sing!

Price: $49.99
Available: Target.com

MollyB Yoga Adventures with Cat and Mouse

Introduce yoga to children 3+ with colorful and cute activity cards.

Think your child could benefit from a little downward facing dog? The benefits of yoga are many, ranging from physical to mental, and it’s a calming practice that pays dividends to your heath. MollyB’s Yoga Adventures with Cat and Mouse are an intro into yoga, taking kids through five 10-minute yoga sessions in the form of clever activity cards. It’s a great way to engage together in an active, yet calming way while increasing flexibility, coordination, focus and balance. 21 double-sided cards provide instructions on yoga poses as the Cat character demonstrates while the silly Mouse plays in the background of different imaginative themes from forest to the beach, farm, and beyond. The cards are sturdy and secured on a durable plastic ring to withstand the wear-and-tear that comes with family use.

Price: $12.99
Available: https://mollybeekids.com/

Super Space Set

Play, build and imagine with the modular Super Space Set.

Calling all future engineers! Super Space Set is an award-winning magnetic modular set, enabling kids to unleash their imagination and build whatever they can dream up with large play panels. Each panel features auto connect magnets, allowing them to connect any which way for simple and easy engineering. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, this STEM-type toy increases brain function and encourages open-ending play. Sets include 22 panels in varying square, triangle and trapezoid shapes, with additional packs available for purchase Made from eco-friendly and recycled materials, panels are durable and washable. When kids are finished building their fort, spaceship, or runway show, materials can easily be stacked and compiled, or better yet – repurposed as a storage bin for other play items.

Price: $299
Available: getsuperspace.com

MAGIFIRE Playtime Baby Tummy Time Mat

Keep babies active with an “under the sea” active play mat.

For infants, tummy time is a major work-out, strengthening neck and shoulder muscles while keeping the head proportionally shaped. Add the colorful sea-themed play mat from MAGIFIRE and playtime is elevated to the next level. Created for ages 3-12 months, this inflatable water cushion engages babies with water movement and the silly sea creatures floating around. Beyond entertainment and muscle development, the mat encourages visual and cognitive growth and provides fun place for babies to hand out and kick their legs.

Price: $14.99
Available: Amazon.com

Lakeshore Learning Super-Safe Froggy Jumper

Are your kids bouncing off the walls again? Have them burn some of that energy by jumping on the Super-Safe Froggy Jumper by Lakeshore Learning. Like the name suggests, this trampoline is sturdy and safe, featuring a metal frame and easy-to-gripe handy. Whether they’re jumping like a frog or imagining they’re an astronaut in space, this indoor jumping station makes a great addition to any playroom or gym. Glowing customer reviews prove this jumper is a total keeper.

Price: $129.00
Available: lakeshorelearning.com

PlayZoom 2 Pack Walkie Talkies

A classic kid’s staple, Walkie Talkies give two-way communication and hours of indoor/outdoor play.

Take hide-and-seek games to the next level with PlayZoom Walkie Talkies. Great for indoor or outdoor use, this pack has a three mile range with all the bells and whistles, including a built-in-flashlight, headphone jack, and belt clip. With 22 channels and 10 fun call sounds to choose from, interactive and action-packed play voice activated transmission for hands-free options. Built for kids, the set is ergonomic and easy for little hands to use. Clear voice transmission technology allows for easy listening and understanding as kids three and up run around, talk, and play.

Price: $19.99
Available: Amazon.com