A Metro Mama Trio: PAW Patrol, Laced by Laju & Three Ships

These inspired, must-have products are perfect for parents and mamas-to-be:

Delta Children’s PAW Patrol Bookshelf
It’s not always easy to encourage kids to read. Or to put their toys away, for that matter. However, with the right set-up your children will be much more enticed to grab a book and stay organized with their toys. Olympian Michael Phelps and his son Boomer have teamed up with the lovable PAW Patrol! to create this inspired bookcase. With four wooden spacious shelves, the Delta Children’s Paw Patrol Bookshelf can be used in a variety of ways. The creative backdrop renders any room much more colorful and fun. What is great about this bookshelf is that it meets all national safety standards and CPSC regulations. It is constructed with sturdy wood that it will endure many years of use. Also, the bookshelf is easy to assemble, you won’t spend all day reading instructions. Find this fantastic piece of furniture HERE.

Laced by Laju
Just because you change diapers all day or spend the majority of your time picking up toys doesn’t mean you should neglect taking care of yourself. When you do get a chance to do any sort of exercise, Laced by Laju has the activewear for you. Founded by Laju Choudhury, the daughter of the pioneer of Bikram Yoga, Laju is a celebrity yoga and fitness instructor. With more than 26 years of experience, she knows the necessity of wearing active items that are comfortable and fashionable. Inspired by the east and worn in the west, the collection includes an assortment of sports bras, leggings, biker shorts, and jackets. Each workout-ready piece is lightweight and durable – and the best part is there is something in the line for all body types. Made with quality fabric, their high-performance sports bras double as a fashion statement, and the versatile leggings can be a go-to outfit for your apparel. Also available are chic, form-fitting jackets to wear not only to the gym but outside as well. Check out the fabulous collection HERE and follow on Instagram: @lacedbylaju.

Three Ships
Pregnancy can be a very overwhelming time. You already know that you can’t eat and drink whatever you like, and the same goes for skincare. When it comes to beauty, the products that you should and shouldn’t use can be confusing. Especially when you are looking at all the ingredients and trying to decipher what is okay and what could harm your baby. To clarify that concern comes the Three Ships skincare line. From the creators of NIU BODY, Three Ships is all natural, always vegan, and even better: the products are affordable. Expectant mothers already have enough expenses and other more important things to worry about. At least when you use a product from the Three Ship line, your mind will be at ease knowing you’re taking care of yourself and your baby.

Instead of endless googling about what makes a product pregnancy-safe, Three Ships has a concise explanation: there are no artificial preservatives, AHAs/BHAs or retinols, which are considered to be potentially harmful ingredients during pregnancy. Instead, Three Ships preserves its products with either Vitamin E or Salicylic Acid (below 2% potency, the level considered safe for expectant mothers). Additionally, the essential oils used in the products are all considered pregnancy-safe, and the percentage of essential oils used in every product is ideal. Beyond taking the above pregnancy-safe precautions, Three Ships is proudly Leaping Bunny-certified as cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Clarity Tea Tree + MCT Cleansing Oil
This rejuvenating cleaning oil contains tea tree, which is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that helps decrease redness and combat breakouts. Which, depending on the type of pregnancy you are having, could be an issue for you. The MCT (fractionated coconut oil) helps to remove that excess make-up and dirt.

Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalene Day Cream
This luscious cream is formulated with revolutionary grape stem cells to protect from UV damage throughout the day and fight photo-aging. Perfect for pregnant women to keep their face hydrated and balance an even skin tone. The natural squalene locks in the moisture and keeps the skin looking radiant. Another bonus is the product is packaged in an airless pump top jar, which prevents air exposure and helps protect the cream, increasing shelf life.

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