A Mother’s Day Gift Guide to Celebrate Moms

The 2020 theme for Mother’s Day during the coronavirus epidemic is complete relaxation! Even under normal conditions, most mothers are exhausted after pulling double shifts between work and home, month after month. During this pandemic with children at home all day, or older parents to take care of, it has not grown easier. This year, more than ever, think of helping mom relax, and enjoy her environment and herself more. 

A facial mist for your mom is a sure hit! Refreshing and stimulating for the skin, Mukama Botanica’s pH-balanced High Vibe Face Mist revives skin and elevates your mood with ingredients and aromatics inspired by sacred Hawaiian plant healing. In a beautifully designed jar and luxurious package, the 100% natural & organic, handmade in the USA refresher includes rose water, tangerine and sandalwood ideal to hydrate and embolden the skin with antioxidants. Enjoy your mist and find it here.

Yesterday’s line of wellness products is made in the U.S from sustainably sourced CBD hemp oil and high-quality MCT oil. The Yesterday Broad Spectrum Hemp Soft Gels are fantastic to boost a sense of calmness by realigning your mom’s chakras. Especially during this trying time, Yesterday’s Broad spectrum hemp soft-gels will help ease your mom through the frustrations brought on by the confinement with a more joyful appeased mindset. Get aligned with your higher, calmer version here.

In these trying difficult times, help your mom transform her immediate home environment into an oasis of quietness with a Guru Nana Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser that disperses essential oils after you simply place the “Pluggy” into your wall outlet. The scents will help anyone enjoy the moment and relax better by purifying the air and uplifting the mind. You can adjust the frequency of the mist diffusion to every 10 minutes or 20 minutes. The kit includes a wall socket adapter and an overheating protection with an auto shut off. Simply remove the plastic dripper plug from your essential oil of choice and screw the essential oil bottle into the top of the diffuser before plugging it in. Even if you’re trapped indoors, your senses will expand as if you were outdoors with a bouquet of blooming natural scents. Possible fragrances include lemon, lavender, sandalwood and more. Order here.

Nothing like a Vitamin C based skin routine to help Mom’s skin look radiant and help her feel good about her appearance in spite of her confinement. Vitamin C stimulates collagen, fights lines and wrinkles and gives skin a glow. The new Avalon Organics Vitamin C collection includes a Cleansing Gel, Gel Cream Moisturizer and a Radiance Serum.The dermatologist tested line is infused with a Triple-C complex, olive squalane, kakadu plum, turmeric, licorice root and milk thistle. First wash your face with the pleasing cleanser, before applying the serum and nourishing moisturizer. Grab the youth boosting collection for Mom at Whole Foods or here.

Does your mom miss her spa? Pamper her with a more effective facial booster through the use of nanotechnology to help her maintain her skincare regime without recourse to botox or her usual treatments during the pandemic. The Deminuage™ Silver NanoPen Prime is equipped with a grid of microscopic nanotips that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Each nano tip is  made from monocrystalline silicon and has a diameter 1000x smaller than that of a human hair allowing a heightened skin delivery system. Powered by the proprietary QuickPore™technology, Deminuage™ enables skin to better draw in skincare ingredients, visibly improving results. You can also purchase Daily NanoChips to gently condition the skin or Booster NanoChips for a deep boost once a week. When the “invisible” NanoTips are applied to the skin, they pass through the skin barrier (stratum corneum) to temporarily allow key ingredients into the deeper layers of skin.The collection is perfect for Mother’s Day to bring your mom’s skincare routine to the next step. Treat her to this skin novelty here.

May can be rainy on the East Coast, and a functional-yet-casually-stylish boot like the MuckBoot Company Women’s Liberty Ankle Waterproof Suede Boot is a no-miss choice for a mom who loves to look good in her boots, whether it’s to jump over puddles on her way to the supermarket, or to hike in the park and take in fresh air. She can wear them with a pair of leggings or jeans and a sports jacket – they’re versatile enough to wear with a multitude of different styles. In neoprene stroble for flexibility, a zipper for easy on and off, a reinforced rand for added durability, a 1.25 heel and buckle on the side, this bootie can be purchased at here.

Wish we could throw moms a parade this year!