A Quartet for Parents Seeking Solutions

Along with the joy of a little one comes frazzled moments, sleepless nights, and a few worries… so these products are designed to render your parental life significantly easier and far more serene.

The Baby Shusher – A Brilliant Innovation for Bawling Babies
If you’ve ever suffered through your screaming baby being inconsolable, The Baby Shusher will feel like a veritable godsend. The Baby Shusher sound is a gentle and rhythmic “shush,” designed to replicate the soothing sounds that babies experience in the womb. It’s a continuous “shush,” and un-like a white noise sound machine, has been carefully engineered to capture the specific attention of babies and help them relax. It makes sense, and it’s incredible, so this is definitely a gift that will keep on giving. If you want to know what it sounds like, click HERE. Purchase it here.

Noodle and Boo – Pure Laundry Soap
This gentle, plant-based laundry soap and fabric softener duo smells so heavenly that you’ll love it for own clothing too. Formulated for baby’s delicate skin, parents appreciate the purity of Noodle and Boo’s Ultra-Safe Laundry Detergent and Ultra-Soft Fabric Conditioner. Their signature scent is a nose-pleasing blend of apricot, peach, sweet water blossoms, clover honey, warm milk, and vanilla beans. Yum! This leaves every laundry load super clean, soft, and smelling as fresh as a spring daisy on a summer day. These are clinically tested for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. You can find this woman-owned, laundry-care-to-love lineup HERE.
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The Stoplight Golight Timer – Keep Things On Track
The Stoplight Golight Timer is a perfect compromise if you’ve ever struggled with a child who doesn’t want to get off of a device or finish a task. This inspired creation helps you manage time and renders it fun in the process. It’s a traffic light timer that will de-stress daily activities such as brushing teeth, homework, screen time, and whatever else has you tapping your feet. It can also help with toddler sleep training by keeping early risers in bed with books or toys until a specific time. Read more about this ultra-helpful, kid-friendly tool here.

Enviroscent – Scents Made Safer
Have some smelly diapers, shoes, pets? Eschew the typically toxic room sprays that deliver a chemical overload in favor of Enviroscent‘s kid-friendly, human-friendly fragrances, which include Pineapple & Coconut, Rainwater & Bamboo, Lavender Tea & Honey, Lemon Leaf & Thyme, Spring Water & Lotus, and Sea Salt & Aloe. Inhale deeply knowing that it’s all good. Scent strengths range from light to medium and strong. This small business is on a mission to create safer lives for people, pets, and the planet. Follow @Enviroscent and order here.