Best Block Sets for Busy Builders

Photo credit Susan Holt Simps via Unsplash

One of the oldest toys to date, blocks still hold their value with kids today. Build, stack, topple, create, imagine and design – the possibilities are many with classic toys like building blocks. Imagination takes flight and fine motor skills are improved while exploring and creating with block toys. We’ve rounded up five product picks that take the average block to the next level to keep little ones engaged even longer. Give the gift of quality with toys that can be enjoyed, passed on, and appreciated for years to come.

Follies Baby Bauhaus Set

Follies Baby Bauhaus Set scores as a developmental find for babies of all ages.

Looking for a toy a newborn can use and grow with? Hello Follies Baby Bauhaus Set! Montessori-inspired and developed by early childhood experts, this set includes soft shapes with colorful, high-contrast graphics and tags to grasp and play with. One of the cubes includes a mirror for tummy-time play, while the ball contains a rattle for sensory engagement. The set comes with activities for caregivers to try to promote hand-eye coordination, gross motor activity, and cause-and-effect. So many boxes are checked with this item made for little ones to grab, throw, stack and experience.

Price: $49

Mori Wooden Baby Toys Gift Set

Wooden stacking toys from Mori increase motor skills and look beautiful in the nursery.

There’s a timelessness that comes with wooden nursery toys and Mori’s Wooden Baby Toys Gift Set is no exception. Created for children 12 months and older, the set includes a pastel rainbow stacker, along with stacking rings to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition to looking great, these products are functional and safe for babies with soft edges and non-toxic paint. A fun stacking toy that doubles as décor!

Price: $43.20

Kiko + GG* Tsumiki Building Blocks House

Inspire open play with this dollhouse/block set made in Japan.

Within this doll-house shaped case lies 41 blocks of varying shapes, colors, and designs for endless hours of fun. Made in Osaka, Japan, by a team of two female toy makers with minimalism and quality in mind, the set is made with beechwood featuring soft colors and a magnetic cover. True to the name, Tsumiki translates to “building block” in Japanese; the Building Blocks House stimulates imagination while remaining aesthetically pleasing. When it’s time to cleanup, an outline design shows where shapes are placed for easy and quick assembly.

Price: $110

Geomag Magicube Shapes

Geomag Magicube Shapes Recycled Little World 25 pcs allows building to come alive with magnetic pieces.

What’s better than the traditional stacking cube, one might ask? A magnetic stacking cube that turns the basic into something magical, thanks to all-side magnetic capabilities. Ideal for ages 1-5, the Swiss-made Geomag Magicubes are STEM-approved and made with recycled plastic. They’re sized appropriately too, small enough for little hands but large enough that they don’t cause concern or end up in the mouth. These blocks stick well together for creative sculptures and structures, inspiring imagination and improving motor skills and critical thinking. These bright red, yellow, blue and green cubes come in varying qualities (8 piece-64 piece) and bundles with additional shapes, wheels and extras for even more exploration.

Price: $24.99+

Looks like Wood! Giant Soft Building Blocks

Jumbo foam block set disguises as wood and comes with 32 pieces to the set.
These blocks have a lot going for them, they’re jumbo-sized, look like wood and are incredibly soft and lightweight. Made with extra-thick foam, these are easy to hold for infants+ and fun to stack, tower and play with on a mega-large level. Looks like Wood! Giant Soft Building Blocks come with 32 blocks in nine different shapes with the largest block measuring at over 11 inches. Babies, toddlers and children are entertained for hours building worlds of imagination. Once the towers start to tumble over, the blocks are quiet and harmless to builders and spectators alike. Made to last, this set can grow with your child and be enjoyed by each and every sibling to come.

Price: $199