Celebrate Earth Day Year Round with These Awesome Eco-Friendly Products

Every year on April 22, we dedicate a day to celebrate our beautiful planet and to educate ourselves on the steps we need to take to preserve it. Whether it is plant-based food, sustainable products, eco-friendly packing or eco-fun play, Earth Day is an important event we all should pay attention to — so Beauty News has rounded up some of the best green and environmentally-sound products. And the Earth Day Awards go to…

SolarBots 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
If your child likes to build and get creative with their hands the SolarBots 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is the perfect educational toy. These unique and eco-friendly robots don’t even require batteries. Produced by Thames & Kosmo using a compact solar panel, these awesome little bots get their energy power from the sun for their electric motor. Your child has many options to use their imagination and have fun! Some examples include a drummer robot that marches along beating a drum; an armadillo robot that does somersaults; a solar bug that crawls on six legs, and many more. The kit comes with a 48-page, full-color manual guide to solar power pioneers through model assembly and offers interesting scientific facts about the real-life applications of solar technology. Start making your solar-powered invention today and go HERE.

Hairstory New Wash
Amazing for your hair and good for the planet, Hairstory’s New Wash is the ultimate hair wash for remarkable results that rejuvenate your scalp and softens dry, unhealthy hair. What I could not believe is that you don’t even need to use conditioner. The product is THAT good. Just apply in the shower and really scrub the New Wash in to receive all its benefits, then simply rinse clean. Your tresses will be left shiny, luscious and manageable to comb through. The Hairstory brand strives to commit to making Mother Earth a better planet in some very crucial ways. The company has eliminated plastic bottles across its New Wash range in favor of more environmentally friendly pouches and is transitioning to becoming a fully recyclable company. Hairstory is also part of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of New Wash sales to water-related issues. New Wash is available in a subscription, which further helps to reduce packaging waste. Free shipping on your first order when you sign up for texts or email. Nab these fantastic products at hairstory.com and follow @hairstorystudio.

Shore Buddies Plush Collection and the Plastic Ocean Book
Say hello to your new favorite eco-fun plush collection! Shore Buddies produces adorable and huggable 12″ stuffed animals that are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It takes six plastic bottles to make one 12″ stuffed animal. The bottles are collected and sorted by recyclable collectors before cleaned and shredded into plastic flakes. Some of these flakes are used for the Shore Buddies’ stuffing, others get melted and turned into polyester yarn for the soft outside. The plush collection features a variety of lovable characters, which include Stephen Seagull, Shelly the Sea Turtle and Finn the Dolphin. When pressed, they even make authentic animal sounds. Shore Buddies and the Plastic Ocean Book is the story of five friends that are giving marine life a voice in fighting ocean plastic pollution. Join Emma the Whale, Finn the Dolphin, Sammy the Seal, Shelly the Sea Turtle and Stephen Seagull in their journey to stand up against ocean plastic pollution and find out what they discover in this delightful children’s book. Help save marine life and keep plastics out of the oceans by visiting https://shore-buddies.com/

Lehi Mills Vegan Double Fudge Brownie Mix 
If brownies are your sweet indulgence, then you will love this plant-based brand. The Lehi Mills Vegan Double Fudge Brownie Mix makes such a delectable and tasty brownie that you won’t even realize it’s vegan. This three-ingredient recipe rocks because it’s uber easy to make. Just add oil and water to the mix and you are set! Making these brownies is a fun way to get the whole family involved without the long intensive labor and huge mess. Lehi Mills steers clear of processed ingredients so you know you are consuming a product that is not detrimental to your health. Get baking and nab your brownie mix at LehiMills.com and select Kroger stores.

There is nothing better and more satisfying than the gift of self-care. Treat your loved one or yourself to a massage during these stressful pandemic times. Rawlogy massage balls and rollers is just what you need, and the best part is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. This eco-friendly company produces amazing cork massage balls and rollers that offer you a premium massage experience. Massage therapy is the perfect way to release built up tension, improve blood circulation, and reduce pain. Rawlogy massage balls are easy to use — and you will instantly start to feel decompressed. I was very surprised how easy it was to use this product, and with just one roll my body already felt relaxed. What I also like is that you can adjust the pressure to your preference. Some people like a light massage to do the trick, while others want you to get in there with all your force (plus, they are travel friendly!) Carry them in your bag or keep them in your desk to relieve physical or emotional stress. To learn more and to purchase, visit: https://www.rawlogy.com/.

If hair in your drain is your pet peeve or completely grosses you out, then you need TubSchroom immediately. This innovative product averts those yucky clogs in all of your drains, which include bathtubs, bathroom and kitchen sinks, shower stalls, and toilets. The shrooms (named for their shape) are made from recycled materials and prevent clogs by catching hair or other debris that enters the drain, all while still letting water flow freely through the holes in the cylinder. What is also interesting about this fabulous contraption is that hair and other debris is not visible because it wraps around the cylinder. You are fine removing it about once a month to clean. Each shroom is eco-friendly, as it is made using 100% recycled materials. Say goodbye to those clogged drains: https://www.tubshroom.com/

You may know that granola has many health benefits, but be aware that not all granola is the same. Check out Forij, your new go-to granola, which is a delightful, delicious superfood specifically designed to support your immune system, aid in sustaining energy levels, and to help with mental focus. The granola is low in sugar and carbs and packed with the nutrients you want to indulge in, such as sprouted oats, walnuts, almonds, flax and chia seeds. Have your Forij for breakfast, take as an on-the-go snack, or mix it in your favorite yogurt or ice cream. If you are a vegan, or on a keto, non-GMO, or gluten-free diet, Forij is the perfect food for you. And even better, the wrapper is completely recyclable/sustainable, so it’s good for the environment. Receive 20% off when you join the Forij community with your email, and learn more at https://www.forij.co/.

And Collar
Get excited for this revolutionary apparel that is paving the way for men’s professional attire. And Collar has created a clothing line that is affordable, comfortable, and made from sustainable and recycled materials. The best part of an And Collar dress shirt is that it will never stain. Coffee or wine spill, no problem! The originators of And Collar have perfected the art of fabric and function with their wrinkle-free shirts made from recycled plastic water bottles. The exceptional eco-friendly line up of clothes includes: dress shirts, pants, shoes, socks, and ties. There is a great variety to choose from, depending on your taste. What is also amazing is that every shirt is the equivalent of 15 recycled plastic bottles. One million plastic bottles are purchased every single minute globally. Instead of sending those bottles to oceans and landfills, And Collar is bettering the planet by using those bottles to produce premium fabric that keeps men cool and dry. The company’s goal is to “make the world a little bit better, one shirt and tie at a time.” Do Mother Nature a favor and head to https://andcollar.com/

Cargo Plane 
Produced by Green Toys, the Cargo Plane is filled with cargo and ready to go. Fantastic for indoor or outdoor play, this bright yellow and blue flier features a three-wheel design and handle on the body. Little pilots can easily go from taxiing on the ground to soaring in the sky on an eco-friendly journey. There is access to the freight through a flip-down door that doubles as a ramp, which is perfect for loading up the included Mini Car. What is important to know is that the Cargo Plane’s design is very safe; there are no metal axels or exterior paints or coatings. This engaging toy is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic with no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Suggested for ages 3+. To nab your plane, visit www.greentoys.com.

Land of Dough
Environmentalists will be excited to know that the Land of Dough is the most eco-friendly dough on the planet. Produced by Crazy Aaron’s, the company uses plant-based colors, compostable glitters, paper packaging, and strives to minimize the environmental impact of its product. Land of Dough is made in the USA by the company’s own wind-powered facility using reclaimed landfill gas as a heat source. Discover what the Land of Dough has to offer at https://www.landofdough.com/.

Every year chickpeas are increasingly more popular. The legume is not just for those looking to consumer a more plant-based diet, but also for the health conscious who want food rich in nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas are inexpensive compared to other protein-rich foods, too. Not only is it fitting to celebrate chickpeas on Earth Day, but the day before (April 21) is National Chickpea Day (who knew?). The plant-based brand O’dang provides innovation with its line of premium chickpea-based condiments. Made with real chickpeas, O’dang has created plant-based dressings that offer full-flavor with lower sodium, lower fat and fewer calories. The dressing includes a line-up of eight flavors: Garden Herb Ranch, Greek Tzatziki, Lemon Caesar, Roasted Red Pepper, Southwest Ranch and Honey Mustard, as well as the newly launched flavors plus Classic Mediterranean and Balsamic Feta that are currently only at Walmart. The dressings are available at retailers nationwide, including The Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme, Central Market, Gelson’s, Hy-Vee, Ingles, Jewel, Raley’s, Walmart and Weis. The newest addition to the O’dang line is an egg-free, spreadable and dippable vegan mayonnaise. The mayonnaise comes in three Mediterranean inspired flavors: Lemon Garlic, Cucumber Dill and Roasted Red Pepper. It is non-GMO, gluten-Free, and kosher OUD. Join the O’dang hummus revolution on all major social media channels by following @odangfoods #odang #permissiontopour and to learn more visit www.odangfoods.com.