Dynamic Duo for the Toddler in Your Life

It’s the season for grabbing gifts for our friends and family members with the cutest of humans: toddlers! If you want to give gifts that they will appreciate (outside of the usual toys or gift cards) try Freestyle diapers and the Danish brand bObles.

“Diapers as a gift? What’s so special about these?” you might be asking yourself. Well, Freestyle offers top-quality 100% bamboo diapers that are 88% biodegradable. Big claims that hold up, as they are pillow soft, thick, ultra absorbent, and sensitive to delicate skin. Plus most importantly: Freestyle was created by parents for parents, which means no baby-ish prints but instead groovy and abstract designs that feel like a fashion statement within themselves!

Reports from my sister say the diapers haven’t had any leaks, which is shocking compared to other brands she was trying out (looking at you, Pampers). My nephew is able to climb, run, jump while staying comfy and dry due to the stretchy material that moves with the body.

Now, what are diapers without wipes? Freestyle’s wipes are some of the best with thick layers that don’t fall apart even after multiple wipes, which is always a nuisance when changing in public restrooms. The size covers a good area of the baby’s skin and is soft, chemical free, and easy to travel with. No scent, so no reactions on even the most sensitive of skin and great for wiping sticky fingers!

Freestyle is a brand that is conscious of parents’ needs, kiddos, and the environment. Freestyle also partners with ‘Plastic Credit Exchange,’ which means Freestyle diapers are net plastic negative. The Plastic Credit Exchange is a nonprofit that works to clean up plastic waste, and provides a scheme for companies to contribute to their mission. If you’re feeling extra generous, Freestyle offers subscriptions for their fabulous products, which will have the parents in your life thanking you each time they grab their diaper bag. Why not gift the perfect diaper for the precious little one in your life?

Thinking of something more active and one-of-a-kind to gift an excitable toddler? Try bObles: a Danish brand that embodies hygge sensibilities and encourages play for the kiddos by creating unique tumble furniture made from ultra soft EVA-foam, which is nontoxic and durable. My nephew has been playing nonstop with the bObles Elephant. This multifaceted product turns into a seat, step still, rocking horse, and anything else your little one can imagine. This Elephant motivates children to move and play, which is critical during this time of motor development. The variety of colors fits seamlessly into any home decor, I chose the Cloud Blue color for my nephew, who quickly grabbed the Elephant and started rocking on it!

My sister described my nephew falling asleep in the Elephant, pushing it to the bathroom to reach the sink when it’s time to wash his hands, and even carrying it into the shower! Which is perfectly fine since the material is waterproof and easy to clean with soap and water. bObles are the “it” gift for any trendy toddler with equally stylish and cool parents. Order yours today and gift a childhood memory.