Fall Fashion Forecast: 100% Chance Of Cute

If you have a baby or toddler, you don’t need the leaves to tell you it’s fall. Parents know the season’s arrived because cheeks and noses turn rosy outside and it’s actually dark while you do the bedtime routine. Time to put away the sleeveless rompers and shore gear and reset their wardrobes with a couple of autumn essentials.


October is all about transitional temperatures, so having a base layer that’s light-but-not-too-light is just right. A cotton one-piece is the perfect, layer-able base for crisp fall days.

Try the Baby Jumpsuit from TØY, a line of safe, sustainable, gender-neutral baby clothing that launched last year. The concept behind the line—certified organic fabrics meet Scandinavian minimalism. Don’t let the simplicity of the pieces bely the thought processes behind them—the Jumpsuit specs, for example, allow ample room for chunky thighs, round bellies, and a lower crotch (aka space for a diaper that uh, needs to be changed). There are also fitted cuffs on the arms and legs that help keep things from riding up so your little one stays snug. They’re soft and unbelievably snuggly without being overkill for this time of year.

The Jumpsuit comes in two hues perfect for fall—a deep navy and a rich hunter green, both achieved with a non-toxic dye. With the European sizing (which is basically your baby’s height in inches) there’s little guesswork to get a great fit. The whole line makes it easy to shop allergen-free fashions for your babe’s incredibly sensitive, absorptive skin (it’s up to 30% thinner than an adult’s and much more capable of absorbing potentially harmful chemicals, the brand points out).

Not as easy? Pronouncing the brand’s Norwegian name. Luckily you can just shop at ShopToey.com and no one has to know. Baby Jumpsuit: TO, $29.99 (also available in newborn sizes). Size for babies/toddlers measuring 21” to 33”


Is there a puddle-splasher in your house? I don’t think you’ll ever see a bigger smile than when your little one is sinking a foot or two in a pothole full of water. As the days get cooler, remember dry feet are happy feet. With the proper gear, you can relax and skip soggy shoe messes. Check out these new rain boots from Wildkin — made with lightweight, BPA and phthalate-free synthetic material and no-slip soles, they come in a range of adorable prints. The inner footbed is made with a quick-dry fabric and slightly oversized handles give an assist to toddlers currently exercising the mantra “me-gonna-do-it.” If the sizes work out, the TØY Jumpsuit above and the Jurassic Dinosaurs print match perfectly.

Jurassic Dinosaurs Rain Boots, $19.99, sizes 5 and up. Explore all the prints HERE or at www.wildkin.com and get stomping asap.