Holiday Gaming for Hams & Inventive Kids

Games are always a good idea for holiday glee, and we’ve tried-and-tested these two for adults and children that we’d like to recommend:

Be A Broadway Star!
This board game created by Ken Davenport enables you to go full-ham on your family with copious singing, dancing, and dramatic stage re-enactments. Sounds awesome, right? Start out in acting school and emote your way up to the top o’ the heap, getting headshots, reumes, an Equity card, an agent, auditions, better auditions, fans, a publicist, and then finally… your much-coveted Tony Awards! Dream of where you’ll keep them. For ages 8 – adult, you can read more and find it HERE.

Geomag World Mechanics
Ideal for children ages 5+ who love Legos, Lincoln Logs, and building things in general, Switzerland’s GEOMAG Mechanics is a magnet-based building set that enables your child’s imagination to soar. Budding engineers and architects will revel in the vast array of different things to create with an 86-piece or 146-piece set. You can check out a video for building inspiration at, and read more & order HERE. This brand has been the original magnetic construction toy since 1998, so trust that it will delight. Geomag build learning into all of their toys and incorporate STEM into the foundations of play – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – so the children of today will become the societal superheroes of tomorrow.

Happy Holidays!