HoneyBug: Magical Gift Boxes for Little Ones + EZ PZ Fun Toddler Cups

HoneyBug is buzzing with goodness for baby showers, new parents, and wee birthdays by providing delightfully curated boxes with flair and product integrity. Whether you’re buying for your child or someone else’s, HoneyBug combines extraordinary convenience, high quality products, a comprehensive selection, and a personalized buying experience. You can find boxes tailored to girls, boys, or gender-neutral, as well as Build-Your-Own HoneyBug gear for parents, and toys and games for big and little kids. They smell wonderful, too! Boxes are targeted for infants – 1 year, toddlers 1-4 years, and children over 4 years old.

You can also find theme boxes, such as The Life Aquatic (image above). You’ll save money the more you order, and your box ships within 24 hours, so you can have peace of mind in terms of having it arrive on time as a gift.

HoneyBug also features a Sale section with the most adorable, heart-melting items, like these elephant socks.

With more than 1,000 of the hottest baby and kids items around, you can choose new ones that capture your imagination or stock up on standard favorites, reveling in the magical world of childhood, milestone by milestone from pregnancy through preschool and beyond. Since its inception, HoneyBug has been committed to prioritizing brands that will leave our world a little better than they found it through ethical sourcing, sustainable & organic production, community giveback, fair business practices and promoting female owned & independent businesses. Feel great about supporting this new brand, and choose your favorite HoneyBug box HERE.


EZ PZ Fun Mini Cup + Straw Training System to The Rescue
Parents are well aware of the time frame after bottles when toddlers are first hoisting water, milk, and juice cups up to their mouths, and then thoroughly drenching themselves and the floor. The EZ PZ Fun Mini Cup + Straw Training System solves this problem sweetly for tiny hands.

This soft silicone cup is sturdy, safe, stable (it has a weighted base) and can be used for cold, warm, and hot liquids. The straw opening supports both thick and thin liquids, and the cup is easy to open and clean. No BPA, BPS, PVC or phthalates, it won’t wear or tear, and it’s made of food grade silicon. Dishwasher safe and hypo-allergenic. Find it and much more HERE.