Italtrikes for Toddlers + Kids Who Play Indoors

If your little one is full of energy and in need of an outlet for it inside your home, then check out the sleek, well-designed, and fun offerings at Italtrikes. These toys are easy to straddle, completely silent, stackable, and maintenance-free — among other wonderful things. Here are the various types of wee trikes:

La Cosa
These La Cosa Italtrikes are completely silent and super smooth. ABEC industry standard ball bearings provide reliable, completely silent movement, and bonus: its colorfast wheels mean that there is no danger of floor discoloration. The two front wheels have full 360° rotation, while the two rear wheels are fixed.

These are easy to clean and if you buy more than one, they’re stackable to save space and keep things tidy. La Cosa’s rounded, child-friendly steering handle means that even the littlest ones can speed through your home accurately and quietly. They can easily direct the trike to go straight or round curves, and they steer intuitively with their feet. Kids immediately know how to drive it and turning on the spot is simple, too. Safety bonus: superior workmanship means that La Cosa’s secure and extremely rugged design prevents it from tipping over. Even on the first ride, small obstacles such as carpet thresholds are easily overcome. In addition, the all-round bumper protects your furniture and walls. The storage compartment means that kids can take their favorite treasures with them as they ride around.

La Cosa’s classic design and form means that this Italian product offers great functionality and durability while looking fantastic. Its longevity translates to sustainable development, and it is crafted with quality materials.

La Cosa Soft
La Cosa Soft is a highly versatile, cuddly, soft ride-on vehicle — and kids are never disappointed when they see it. These are also stackable, well-made, enduring and stylish.

La Cosa Soft is a great addition to a La Cosa collection for home play. Wee ones delight in straddling a lion or other favorite animal.

Italtrike Ginetta is a light and stylish ride-on, and its 50mm wheels also mean that Ginetta can be used for easier outdoor riding on tarmac, paving and wood, too. Also equipped with intuitive steering, the Ginetta’s round, child-safe handlebars enable little ones to scoot through the house very quietly and accurately. They’ll have no problem going straight or round corners, as they steer with their feet.

The family-run Italian toy producer Italtrikes boasts a 30-year history, and since the its inception it has specialized in children’s vehicles. La Cosa is Italian for “the thing” – so La Cosa can be anything, and what it is, is magnificent toys for tots.

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