Metro Mama: Holiday Must-Haves Gift Guide

Here’s a selection of some fun ideas for the children in your life for Holiday 2020:

Smarty Pad
This interactive LED tablet which includes 12 smart games is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners to have fun learning while staying motivated at the same time. The Smarty Pad aids in encouraging critical thinking, beginning coding, and promotes small motor development. What I also love about the Smarty Pad is not only can your child develop all these vital skills in English but Spanish as well. I had so much fun with my nieces practicing numbers, the ABCs, and colors in Spanish. Learning a language is hard, and getting your child to start early makes it a lot easier for when they get older. The high-tech motion sensors and bright colorful lights keep the games entertaining along with the positive reinforcement.

If your child is between the ages of three and six, I would definitely not miss trying out the Smarty Pad. Find this fabulous product HERE.

Sloth Comfortkins
The pandemic has made life more difficult for everyone. Kids are learning that they must wear a mask now when they go out. These stuffed animals are a wonderful way to encourage your child to practice wearing a mask with their new favorite friend. The line is new from Wild Republic and features several animals with two fun designed masks: one for your plush friend and a matching one for the child. Your child will feel comforted knowing their plush friend is wearing a mask too. Nab these lovable animals at

Guion The Lion
Guion The Lion is a charming and captivating children’s book that celebrates hope, wonder, and the endless possibilities for all children. The author is mother and entrepreneur Rebecca Wilson Macsovits who was inspired by her three children to write the story which incorporates Guion, her oldest son who also has Down syndrome.
Through an exciting and adventurous journey, the tale follows the adventures of Guion. An imaginative little lion who sees things a little differently from his friends. The book is filled with themes which include empathy, optimism, appreciating individual differences and embracing others.

What I also loved about the book is the eclectic characters and illustrations which are bright and cheerful. The pages are catchy and your child will be intrigued as to what happens next. Guion The Lion has a beautiful and powerful message that is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. Even after you finish the story there are extra pages with fun things to do and get the whole family involved in a positive discussion. Find this delightful book on Amazon or