Metro Parent Best Bet: GeoMag STEM Toys

GeoMag is the original magnetic construction toy (founded in 1998) and is Swiss-made. Creative constructions are limitless with their various STEM-oriented sets, so make a budding engineer, concept artist, urban planner, construction manager, or creative thinker happy with one of GeoMag’s inventive sets. We love these two in particular:

You can build 3D magnetic structure that glows beautifully in the dark with this 60-piece, 100% recycled plastic set. Simply connect magnetic rods to the metal sphere to design structures. The magnetic rods are created with 100% natural glowing substances that, when exposed to a light source, will accumulate energy and in the dark will release this energy as natural light. Kids love this! Parental bonus: this set comes with three storage boxes for easy clean-up and storage.

This 42-piece set enables kids to combine vibrant colors and create eye-popping designs and constructions. This is also a 100% recycled plastic set, and it comes with two storage boxes.

Appropriate for ages 3-99 (if you’re over 99, this set’s not for you).


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