Metro Parent Best Bet: Monsterkins for Earth Day

Not all monsters are bad, especially when they’re plush toys created from 100% recycled materials with names like Trashzilla, Dusk, Vish, MK, Muck, Grom, Trash Foot and Vinnie – and send a positive message about preserving the oceans and planet. Wild Republic has created for the Earth by the Earth, and these Monsterkins are fully sustainable (not just carbon neutral). It may take almost five hundred years for plastic bottles to decompose, but investing in Monsterkins can speed up this process. Whether it’s in the rainforest, on a beach, or trash thrown on the ground, a Monsterkins can be created with it so as to clean it up. Preserving nature and fostering conservation isn’t new for Wild Republic, which has a 40+ year history of giving back to society and educating youth. Choose your favorite monsters HERE.