Metro Parent Best Bet: Swaddelini

Parents want nothing but the gentlest, purest, and most soothing items for their beloved newborn, and that’s where Swaddelini comes in handy… Swaddelini engulfs your wee one in a cloudlike softness to swaddle and imbue serenity when baby is fussy. The benefits of Swaddelini are numerous, and include: it’s moisture-wicking, created with a sustainable seamless 3D knit that results in baby sleeping longer (cue the Hallejulah chorus), it’s easy to use, there are no closure systems which can be tricky with a fussy baby – no zipper, no velcro, no snaps, just pure Hug Technology. This is a super soft and stretchy swaddle, and it’s made in the USA.

Step 1 – stretch over baby like a sock, feet first
Step 2 – open diaper flap (for changing diapers), and move baby’s arm up through the flap and side tube – gently slide arm through
Step 3 – slide baby’s other arm through the side tub. Place baby in bassinet or crib. When your baby can roll over, simply leave baby’s arm’s out. Swaddelini transitions with babies as they grow, so it can be used as a sleep sack.

When you need to change baby’s diaper, open the bottom flap… viola. Swaddelini feels like a little bit of magic, just like your newborn. Great for baby showers. You can find videos of how Swaddlini works on their Facebook page, @Swaddelini and purchase it on their website here. Available in a range of beautiful colors and in sizes Small (6-12 pounds) or Large (12 – 18 pounds), $59.95.

Invented by this entrepreneurial mom: