Metro Parent: Pow Books!, Beli Prenatal Vitamins, ARM & HAMMER Sensitive Skin

This trio is perfect for when you’re expecting a baby, when you have children to read to, and when you’re doing laundry for a family:

Beli: For Mom and Dad
Beli MEN Vitality Multi Vitamin and Beli Prenatal Multi Vitamin delivers what both parents need most when expecting baby. These Prenatal formulations contain 90 non-GMO, vegan capsules (her) and 60 vegan capsules (him) of pregnancy-bolstering vitamins and minerals. Beli’s nutritional supplements for him + her for before, during, and after pregnancy will help couples bond in their incredible journey toward parenthood and to remain as healthy as possible while doing so. Choose the Beli Bundle for both parents HERE and build stamina for those delightful but sleepless nights to come.

POW! Kids Books: For A Better World
POW! Kids Books is devoted to inclusion, diversity, gratitude and to forging a better world through its little readers. Cildren are born without bias, and their books reflect this beautiful initial view of the world. Some of their titles include ABC Thankful Me by Kyaw Lin and Yuliya Pieletskaya with diverse characters. Morissa Rubin’s dot dot polka dot is whimsical and colorful, highlighting the world’s different shapes, patterns, and colors. Just Like You by Meredith Steiner and Avneet Sandhu is a book about inclusion and everyone feeling fine about who they are; it’s useful for young readers to be exposed to all of the faces in the world’s places, and Adventures for Breakfast by Anastasiya Keegan is a wild romp through a child’s imagination that will bring smiles to wee faces. Check out all of the other POW! Books HERE.

If you or anyone in your family – especially baby! – has sensitive skin and/or dislikes the strong chemical smell of added fragrance, try ARM & HAMMER‘s Sensitive Skin laundry detergent. It’s blissfully free and clear of skin- and nose-irritating ingredients, is hypoallergenic, and free of perfume, preservatives, and dye. Baking soda renders it fresh and gentle on skin, it’s surprisingly affordable for 50 loads, and it’s concentrated with 2X powerful stain fighters in every drop. Its low-sudsing formula rinses clean and is designed to work in both standard machines and modern energy conscious High Efficiency (HE) models.
Opt for purity! Find it HERE.