Metro Parents Best Bets: Frost Oral Care for Kids + Gunkii

Parents, check out this inventive trio of items that will keep your child’s teeth clean and ensure they’re engaged when it comes time to brush and floss:

Chocolate Floss for everyone
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Parents know that it’s a huge struggle to get kids to brush their teeth, let alone floss, and Frost Oral Care has solved this problem in a completely logical way with Chocolate Milk Flossers that have no sugar, are fluoride-free, have soft vegan strands, and taste like a sweet chocolate treat.

Frost Oral Care also offers Watermelon Slushie toothpaste with fluoride and Birthday Cake toothpaste without fluoride. You may find yourself using these on the down low. Shop it all HERE, where you’ll find brushes and mouthwash for little hands, too.

What is Gunkii and why do you need it?
Both parents and kids alike will benefit from using Gunkii for fresh breath and a healthier, cleaner mouth. Every day a layer of whitish yellowish gunk builds up on your tongue. Yes, it’s disgusting and it’s a combo of gross stuff, including bacteria. With Gunkii you can gently scrape your tongue to get rid of that layer. Voila, fresh breath! Every Gunkii is reusable, recyclable, and individually CNC-milled from a single block of food-safe aluminum. Read more about this devise and order HERE.