Metro Parents: Slumberkins for Emotional Growth

Slumberkins is an inspired, helpful line of board books, snuggly stuffed animals, affirmation card deck, and playing card game that all foster a healthy expression of emotions without worry of repercussions, enabling children to be their authentic selves and to feel and express their emotions without reservation or fear. Children will built their self-esteem, express their unique character, and get in touch with their feelings through the whimsical, lovable Slumberkins characters, which are:

Bigfoot / Self-Esteem – The world is better because I am here. Imbues self-worth and self-esteem.

Unicorn / Authenticity – I let my light shine. Fosters confidence and feeling supported. Differences can be celebrated.

Hammerhead / Mad’s Not Bad – The message is: It’s fine to be upset or angry, and you are still unconditionally loved.

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The Slumberkins Board Book Library features 15 skill-building “Lesson In” board books and dives deeper into each of the creature’s themes. Teach children stress relief, mindfulness, relaxation, and more.

Board Books Include:
Alpaca Holds Your Worries
Bigfoot Copes With Hurt Feelings
Dragon Gets Bored
Fox’s Big Family Change
Hammerhead’s Recess Challenge
Honey Bear’s Gifts of Nature
Ibex Feels Deeply
Lynx Sets Boundaries
Narwhal Uses Teamwork
Otter’s Community Grows
Sloth Starts to Slumber
Sprite Offers Comfort
Unicorn Dares to Be Unique
Yak Struggles With Mistakes
Yeti Focuses on Her Senses

Goals of Slumberkins’ books include:
To identify, embrace, and learn from all feelings, big and small
To deepen healthy relationships through meaningful moments in everyday life
To enable children to step into their most authentic selves and honor our diverse world
To lay the foundation for a lifetime of confidence, empathy, and resiliency

Founded and carefully curated by Callie Christensen (MIT in Elementary Education and Special Education) and Kelly Oriard (M.S. of Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy & School Counseling). Both are also mothers. Slumberkins is an Apple TV+ Original show, streaming now. Check it out HERE.

The overarching concept behind Slumberkins is that every person is on an emotional learning journey, and Slumberkins wants to begin that journey in early childhood. Enable the children you know to navigate the world with more care, confidence, and resilience for a better future for them and society at large. Connect to grow!

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