Must-Haves for Mama: Diapertainment, Maracujá + Mamãe E Bebê

Check out these new fantastic products for the hard-working mamas that will make life easier and pamper you or someone you love:

Changing diapers is not always the easiest task. Especially when your baby is squirming all over and trying to grab everything they can. This is where Diapertainment comes in ready to help and make diaper changing less aggravating. Developed by Missy Narula, who is also the founder of founder of Exhale Parent. Narula came up with the idea of Diapertainment after chasing her baby around and battling her on the changing table. To keep her baby occupied Narula began handing her baby her phone in hopes of entertaining her so that she could safely change her diaper. When she realized handing over a very expensive device to a baby who could not only hurt themselves but also destroy the phone in a second, she wished there was another safe option that was available to entertain her baby while on the changing table. From that day Diapertainment was her new creation. The product is a clear, acrylic phone holder that screws into the wall aside the changing table. Just put your phone in the holder and your baby will be entertained while you can change the diaper without the chaos of holding your baby down. Diapertainment is super easy to put together and will save you the risk of injury and the stress of your phone breaking. At the moment if you use the code GIFT20 you will receive 20% off plus free shipping!

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The ecological Brazil Line has created Bath and Body, Mom and Baby products and that are safe and will cater to all your needs. Ekos Maracujá Bath and Body and Mamãe E Bebê Baby Care. What is great about the Natura company is that all products are 100% Vegan, use only Amazon Forest ingredients, no animal testing, climate commitment, ecological packaging and natural origin formulas. Natura not only has a strong commitment to the environment but society as well. The company has many programs in Brazil and Latin America that support social and cultural initiatives. Instituto Natura, which supports public education and Natura Musical which promotes and helps preserve Brazilian music are two of the most important ones. So when you purchase from Natura, you will be getting a great product and also be pleased to know that you are making a contribution to society and the planet.

Ekos Maracujá Soothing Body Lotion
Enriched with Maracujá oil (Maracujá is a very popular Brazilian fruit) this soothing emollient replenishes and restores the skins hydration. The lotion has an anti-stress effect as the fragrant is light and calming. It is not to strong that it over powers a room and the lotion quickly absorbs into your skin. Thanks to the Maracujá oil the lotion is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and proponents. I would say this is a fantastic lotion to start your day or at night when you want to relax and rehydrate your skin before bed.

Ekos Maracujá Triple Phase Shower Oil 
Developed with 100% vegetable oils and formulated with Amazon Maracujá oil makes this product a luxurious in-shower oil not to be missed. The Maracujá oil forms a protective layer on the skin and leaves it naturally radiant and scented with soothing and fruity notes. The application process is even a tranquil experience too. To properly use the product, shake the bottle well to mix all the oils. Next massage the oil gently over clean wet skin until you are satisfied with the application. When you are finished rinse everything off and your skin will be silky smooth and smell nice too!

Ekos Maracujá Hand Cream
Perfect to take on the go lightweight hand cream enriched with Maracujá oil is perfect when you feel the dryness coming on and you need a boost of moisture. What is nice is that your hands and cuticles are hydrated and restored instantly. The absorption is fast and there is no aftermath residue or that greasy feeling when you think you have put too much cream on. This hand cream is also beneficial keeping the nails bright and supports cuticle reduction.

Mamãe E Bebê Relaxing Foaming Soap 
Depending on your baby bath time may be a pleasant experience or a little more difficult. Regardless how your baby likes the bath, it is a necessity. Formulated with chamomile and lavender, this vegan foaming soap cleanses the baby’s sensitive skin and provides a relaxing sensation for a better night’s sleep. With 98% of the ingredients natural, the texture is light and so safe that it can be used from head to toe at the very beginning. 
Mamãe E Bebê Relaxing Moisturizer 
Finding a moisturizer for your baby is not always easy. Especially one that helps promote a more peaceful night’s sleep. This moisturizer is perfect after bathing because not only is it soothing for your baby but it absorbs rapidly into the skin, and the moisturizer lasts up to 24 hours of hydration. The formula is completely vegan and combined with 100% vegetable oils and cupuaçu butter to form a protective layer on the skin. Also all the ingredients are 99% natural. Developed with chamomile and lavender which are known for their calming properties create a relaxing scent perfect to calm your baby down and get ready for some shut eye.

Mamãe E Bebê Relaxing Baby Cologne 
This is a lovely alcohol-free, vegan, baby cologne that can be used the very first day your baby is born. This product contains only the essentials for the baby’s sensitive skin and it is very gentle and safe. Because there is no alcohol or preservatives, cologne will not harm the baby’s skin. The comforting fragrant of chamomile and lavender assist to deliver a serene night’s rest.

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