My First Camera Insta 2 Inspires Kids Creativity

Instead of your child grabbing for your phone or camera, why not get them their own?  My First Camera Insta 2 is the perfect choice for kids aged 6-15.  Although I’ll admit to having some fun with it myself as I tried it out.

My First Camera Insta 2 is a little similar to a Polaroid, but has a lot more advantages.  It’s lightweight yet sturdy so no worries about being delicate with it. No need to buy ink, it uses thermal paper that has the ink imbedded in it and it comes loaded with 140 sheets – you can buy refills as needed. Other features include a selfie lens, an SD card to store more photos once the 32GB storage included in the camera is used up, and it can even take videos. The camera produces clear black & white photos in ten seconds, and when you want color shots, simply hook the camera up to your color printer. Also included is a variety of fun icon and decoration templates, even a microphone for those videos.

Get your favorite little photographer this cool camera in either pink or blue and watch them enjoy new found creativity.  $99.90

Available: Amazon