Parental Pleasures: Magnetic Me Clothing + FoxMind Games

Parents will appreciate these two brands for how they’ll render life more fun for everyone:

The Magnetic Me Solution
Magnetic Me clothing for infants through age 8Y solves the drama problem when it comes to changing wriggly infants or getting older children into their pajamas.

Quick and delightfully quiet, magnetic clothing is fun, easy, and simply a brilliant idea. Available in gorgeous patterns, the Magnetic Me fabrics are soft, silky, luxe and sustainable. Fasteners use SewSafe™ construction for safety, and moms can check out their nursing pjs, too.
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Canada’s FoxMind games
FoxMind Games offers an array of fun games that all kids will love this summer, and they’ve been making games for two decades. The Sports Dice Football, Sports Dice Baseball, and Sports Dice Soccer games are perfect for bringing along on weekend trips, or for taking to the beach or pool, or for playing at home on rainy days because they’re small, lightweight, simple to learn, fun to play, and exciting. Great for building social skills and math skills for kids 7+ and for imparting the basic rules of these games, each of these games are for 2-4 players and last approximately 15 minutes per game. FoxMind has other inventive games too, for every age group, so check them all out.