Roundup | A Mom’s Day Trip Survival Guide for Terrible Twos

Motherhood is full of surprises so I’ve learned it’s wise to always be prepared. As a mom to a two-year-old, here’s a list of essential items that I use daily to maintain routines with my toddler. To celebrate Spring, my son and I escaped to Woodbury Commons in upstate New York for some much-needed retail therapy. I brought along my handy Glady Anthem2™ Wagon Stroller. The Wagon-Stroller hybrid easily transforms into a comfortable resting spot for my toddler and can accommodate two playmates. 

It’s more than just a wagon, it’s a parenting tool to keep my son occupied while sitting and playing with his Diverse Friends Magnetic Building Blocks and Lite Blox toys from Presently Goods instead of running off. Presently Goods is a personal gift concierge for specialized kids’ gifts and provides creative wrapping, customized gift tags, and written heartfelt messages.


Because mommies and toddlers are super active and outdoors most of the time, being on the move requires the right gear and sun protection. My favorite sunblock is Coppertone Every Tone Invisible Finish Face SPF 55. It applies clear, blends in nicely, and matches my skin perfectly without leaving any residue.

 To protect my eyes from the sun, I turn to Privado tan sunglasses. The aviator design remains sleek while delivering an oversized, futuristic vibe. To store band-aids, lotion, lip balm, and hand sanitizer, I carry Stephanie Johnson’s Piper chic, waterproof tote bag and accompanying cosmetic case in classic brown. Stephanie Johnson has a range of accessories, luggage, totes, and travel bags including for any type of trip.  I streamline my packing process with a spacious Arden and Gold Camo duffle bag, it’s customizable and monogrammed with my initials, and I always bring it for gym runs, day trips, and errands. I got an extra pair of clothes for my son, just in case, he has any accidents.

All in all, it was a good day at Woodbury. We indulged in our fave Ocean City’s Johnson’s Popcorn snacks which come in many flavors: caramel, cheddar, peanut, and butter. I found some superb deals at Adidas and the Rack before heading back to NYC.


Back At Home, Time to Dine and Unwind


After the long day trip to upstate New York, my son craved pepperoni pizza and apple juice. While I cooked, he watched from his highchair. When it’s time for my partner to put our son to bed, I can finally sneak in some “me time” for the relaxation I deserve after a long day of shopping and driving. I love to Cozy up on the couch under a Beurer heated blanket and let the Beurer Vascular Vital Legs Circulation Booster massage me with electrotherapy to improve circulation and relieve chronic pain and discomfort.

For an extra level of R&R, I sample Monsoon Chocolate’s sweet and savory Sonoran Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and the wide array of flavors from the Rincon Collection Bon Bon Box. Each morsel delivers hints of fruit and pares beautifully with the citrus notes of Sunny with a Chance of Flowers Pinot Grigio.

When I’m ready to reflect on my day, I turn to the calming aromas of the Inside Then Out Intention Wellness Candle and reach for the Dig Deeper Journal. It asks questions that’ll make you explore your subconscious and be intentional with every thought and feeling. I hope these daily essentials will leave all the mommies out there better prepared to tackle the challenges of traveling with a toddler while making lasting memories. 

Isis Swaby

Culture and Lifestyle Writer

Isis Swaby is a culture and lifestyle writer, artist, and DJ, as well as a native New Yorker. Isis's love for fashion and travel extends into food palettes of amazing world cuisines and spirits. Isis has traveled to Japan and to the tropics of Jamaica, and has completed art residencies with the InterCultural-ODYSSEYS Artist Residency in San Ramon, Costa Rica and the Chashama Studio Artist Residency in Harlem. Worked with brands as likes of Sonos, Apple Music, NTS Radio, Kangol, Redbull, Supreme and VP Records. Based in Brooklyn, NYC and Jersey City, NJ.