Sexy Little Thing …

Apparently, when God was giving out cleavage, my mom was in the wrong checkout line.

I’m a little girl…in the worst sense of the word. Call it petite, call it cute, call it whatever you want, lacking boobs can scar you for life.

Truth be told, I don’t “lack” boobs; I have a cute little form that works out great when I want to wear tight-fitting clothing. However, when it comes to those … intimate moments … well, sweet doesn’t cut it.

My mission this month was to reach out to all you similarly suffering metro mamas, and find the sexiest options out there for us gals nature left behind. Believe it or not, you can have a blossoming bosom without looking like a walking box of Kleenex.

Affectionately known by many as the “boob job bra”, Evolution by Margarita Couture is by far the most amazing thing to come into my wardrobe…ever. The bra’s built-in sculpted graduated cups are designed to create a natural look. There are many bras that make you look good in clothes…however, the Evolution bra has the distinction providing enough uplift and separation to maintain that look as the clothes start to come off. And that, my beautiful ladies, can never, ever be underestimated. Extra points for really hot interchangeable straps that allow each bra to be worn five different ways. The Evolution bra is available at

Another beautiful bra that achieved optimum results is actually a UK import. Glamorous and sexy, this gel-filled bra by Panache has alluring diamonte details on the straps and between the cups. Make that hot, slinky dress pop with this baby (and try to let those straps hang out!) – When you wear it, you’ll appear a whole cup size larger! Available at

As feral our craving for a great-fitting bra is…and it is a constant struggle…there’s more to be considered. Anyone who has visited your local major lingerie chain know that it is not geared toward us sexy little thangs…it’s geared toward the curvy girls. What about us, goshdonit? I want my corset, and I want it now!

And have it I do …

Shirley of Hollywood ( sells uniquely bold and sexy intimate apparel, and has taken special consideration to design sexy underthings for the petite girl. Their floral tapestry strapless corset will have your guy begging for mercy in no time. … Venice trim, hook & eye front, waist cinching lace-up back, and removable, adjustable garters are just heart-stopping, jaw-dropping oozing sensuality. My heart forever belongs to their padded push up baby doll. Sheer and black, it adds fullness and enhances cleavage so smaller gals can look and feel as sexy as they always wanted.

Girls, I do not lie…these items have withstood the test, and they have a permanent place in my boudoir. Go out and there and rock that bod, you sexy little thang …