The Most Adorable Way To Talk Diversity With Your Kids

What if all kids could start out thinking differences are great?

That’s the idea (and the goal) behind Pals — a line of socks that intentionally mismatched its pairs to demonstrate the beauty in our differences and the power of friendship in spite of varied appearances and ideas. Think a T-Rex and a Triceratops rubbing elbows (err, heels?), or a cat and a dog, or a polar bear and a penguin, or a taco and hot sauce. These socks are the perfect segue to a conversation about inclusivity and getting along with others.

Cool idea, huh? But less talk brass tacks. These socks are made of a thick, comfy, stretchy cotton blend with no-skid grippers and a hole-free guarantee (Pals will replace them for free). And I’m thankful for that, because I can see a serious attachment already growing between my toddler and his crab and jellyfish. Also, every pair helps support organizations that make the world a better place — Pals has raised $25,000 since launching the platform in January 2019.

Love it? Snag a pair to match, they come in adult sizes too.

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