Welly: A First Aid Kit With Style

When packing your bag for Spring Break or a weekend getaway, a first aid kit may not be a priority. Yet if you’re traveling abroad or in a remote area, having access to a pharmacy is not a given. Most first aid kits available are so utilitarian looking that it’s no wonder we often leave them home. If we bring bandages or antibiotic ointments, we stuff them in our toiletries or in a suitcase pocket (then spend time searching every cranny of our bag when we need them!). Welly has fixed the problem by creating the most adorable first aid kits with super cute bandages in them, along with plenty of other useful essentials.

Each Welly First Aid Kit contains an assortment of emergency aids, like waterproof bandages that won’t come off even in the pool, tiny packs of ibuprofen, triple antibiotic and hydrocortisone ointments, tape, butterfly strips, small bandages and cleansing wipes. The kit is well organized in tiers within the box so you can go right to the item you need. Exquisitely presented with lively patterns, it’s a box everyone wants to have on hand. It takes the sting out of getting a cut or a bruise.
Each kit includes:
1 Roll of tape
5 Non-stick pads
10 Wound prep pads
9 Butterfly strips
5 Triple antibiotic packets
5 Hydrocortisone packets
16 Ibuprofen pills

Price: $26.99

Available: https://www.getwelly.com/products/first-aid-kit

The Welly Handy Bandles contains an assortment of toe/finger flex fabric bandages in different shapes that help make your bruises or cuts feel less traumatic. They are designed specifically for fingers and toes including knuckles, fingertips and even contain extra long bandages that can be wrapped around your fingers. Each collectible tin box contains 24 count flex fabric bandages in three patterns. Made with quality fabrics that are free of common allergens – no latex, sesame oil, gluten, silicone or animal products, they make your hands and feet look good.

Price: $7.99

Available: https://www.getwelly.com/products/assorted-toe-finger-flex-fabric-bandages

The Welly Quick Fix Kit is an on-the-go First Aid Kit for your purse and is conveniently tiny. It contains an assortment of 18 bandages, 3 Triple Antibiotic ointments and 3 Hand Sanitizers.

Price: $4.99

Available: https://www.getwelly.com/products/first-aid-on-the-go-kit

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