What is Love: Six Children Have An Answer


What does Valentine’s Day, romance and love mean from the perspective of children? We set out to find the answer with 10 questions about love and romance for kids, and the results are what you can expect from children: the unexpected. Below, our child pundits weigh in with their unique perspectives.

Our panel of experts include: Meghan, age 7 (Happy Birthday Megs!), her 4 year old sister Erin, John and Mark Lisi (twins) age 8, Molly Jones, age 7, William Tibbals, age 7, Cassidy, age 6, and Tess Bailey Wallerstein, age 2 years & 9 months.

Wisdom, from the mouths of babes!


Meghan and Cassidy


Tess with her mom Jamie and Will

1). What is love?

  • Tess: Mommy!
  • Meghan and Erin: Love is when you really, really, really like someone (like your mom or dad).
  • Molly: When someone likes you a lot…A lot.
  • John: A form of affection.
  • Mark: Well, love is a feeling of happiness or joy and compassion towards somebody close to you.
  • Will: When somebody likes another person and then they begin to have a good relationship and then they fall in love.
  • Cassidy: Hugs and kisses.

2) How do you know if you love somebody?

  • John: Just by my true emotions.
  • Mark: It really just comes naturally.
  • Will: If I really, really like somebody, I can love them.
  • Cassidy: Your heart tells you.
  • Meghan & Erin: You just know.

3) How old do you have to be to go on a date?

  • Molly: 18 or older. Also, they need to have a license and drive. The boy does the driving.
  • John: About 15.
  • Mark: That mostly depends on what your parents think, but if you have an opinion it could be any age.
  • Meghan & Erin: Like, 18
  • Will: 14 or 15. Is that right?


4) How many Valentines can you have on Valentine’s Day?

  • Meghan & Erin: As many as you want.
  • John and Anthony both said: As many as I want!
  • Will: About 5 or something.
  • Cassidy: One. You could probably have two, but your whole family can come!

5) Do you think you’ll get married?

  • Molly: Yes, I will be above 30.
  • Mark: Yes. Really there is someone in the world for everyone.
  • Will: Yes. Someday.
  • Tess: Sure…and there will be flowers and surprises.
  • Meghan: Yes
  • Cassidy: No. (and when asked why)…I don’t know.

6). What is the most romantic or mushy thing you’ve ever seen?

  • Molly: Kissing. Alan kissed me in kindergarten — the lunchroom helper begged him to kiss me and now the boys tease me because of it. Can we move on to the next question, please?
  • Meghan: When the Beast turned into the prince and kissed Belle (in Beauty and the Beast).
  • John: I have seen many mushy things in my time. I hope this isn’t insulting, but my parents kissing!
  • Mark: Here’s where I have a problem…I really haven’t seen anything.
  • Will: a huge, mushy kiss on tv.
  • Cassidy: I would say a worm.


7). If you were an adult and had a valentine, what would you give to, or do for, her/him?

  • John: A bouquet of flowers.
  • Will: Maybe give them a card
  • Meghan: I would give them a card I made.
  • Mark: I have a few options…this might be pretty crazy because it’s ridiculously expensive, but a diamond ring might be one thing. Girls like clothes or make-up also.

8). Who do you think invented Valentine’s Day?

  • Molly: Someone with the word Valentine in their name.
  • Meghan: Someone whose name is Valentine.


  • Will: I don’t know.


  • Mark: Probably someone who is religious and tries to achieve world peace.

9) What’s the best thing about love?

  • Meghan & Erin: You get to love someone and they love you, too.
  • Cassidy: You look after one another.
  • Mark: The feeling itself feels comforting in some way.
  • John: There are many things, like the way you feel.
  • Will: There are a lot of things about love…

10.) How can you keep that feeling that you love someone going on forever and ever?

  • Mark: It really just stays there.
  • Molly: Knowing them a long time, that’s very important. It goes on and on…
  • John: By seeing them often.
  • Will: By always liking each other.
  • Meghan & Erin: You just keep loving them.
  • Cassidy: Say “I Love you” and give big hugs.