Your Babies Are Your Sunshine — So Protect Them With These

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…and also my germy, delicate-skinned little monsters. So glad I found Zoey Naturals — the brand’s Sunshine Kit makes it a cinch to protect my littles from both viral nasties and harmful rays.

Outfitted in a beach-ready tote, the kit features an SPF 30 sunscreen, Sweet Citrus Moisturizing Lotion, hand sanitizer spray, and an indestructible Beach Baby Book (one of those baby books made with chewproof, tearproof, waterproof miracle paper). All the products are made with heavenly scents—the hand sanitizer comes in Island Hibiscus, which will leave you with a lingering, tropical breeze-like fragrance, and the sunscreen is a juicy, luscious melon awapuhi. This kit is just what the doctor (and the CDC) ordered—sun protection with at least 30 SPF and a sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. Finish a day of catching rays and cleaning hands with a good helping of the lightweight, sweetly scented body moisturizer. I even sneak a few pumps for myself.

While the kit may have been designed with the beach in mind, it’s really an everyday summer staple kind of thing. Take heart knowing the formulas are hypoallergenic and gentle, the fragrances are phthalate free, and your littles will smell yummier than ever.

Grab The Sunshine Kit ($45) and other adorably themed, totally giftable kits at