Your Little Foodie, Part I: bobo&boo’s Plant-Based Dinnerware + 3-Ingredient Pancakes

Parents, meet your new superhero — no, I’m not talking about the Batman on your kid’s current sippy cup. I’m talking about bobo&boo, a recently expanded line of plastic-free, eco-friendly dinnerware for your littles.

Lucky for us, this Australian-based line is available on Amazon and just debuted a new option alongside its bamboo collection. This new plant-based material is a rockstar because unlike many other plastic alternatives, it can go in the dishwasher AND the microwave. If you’ve been searching, you know trying to find microwavable plant-based dinnerware is like trying to find the other polka dot sock. (Where do all the socks go?!) So now the burden of warming up food in a microwave safe adult bowl before transferring it to something shatterproof and kid-friendly is eliminated, along with the extra dishes that makes.

If you’re like me, knowing a cup or a plate is BPA free is not enough. Who knows what else is lurking there? BPA might be the villain of the moment, but I’m not forgetting it’s just one thing in a long list of ick in plastics. And the thought of my boys ingesting any of that makes me cringe. The plant-based dinnerware from bobo&boo is made from a resin created from renewable fibers found in corn, wheat, and sweet potatoes. Cue sigh of relief. *ahhh* And not only that, it’s designed with a minimalist aesthetic so you can have peace of mind and maintain some sense of chic in your cabinets.

The current plant-based offerings include tumblers, bowls, and plates in gorgeous color schemes — get a set with one of each for $20.95.

Explore the entire line and get more details on the material at, then head to Amazon to shop with free shipping in the US.

Eating this up? Then you’ll love testing your new bobo&boo set out with this easy-peasy recipe from the brand’s founder Naomi:

Three Ingredient Pancakes

You’ll need:
~ 1 Banana, mashed
~ 1 Egg
~ 1 Tbsp Coconut Flour (or other flour or protein powder)

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
2. In a hot oiled pan at medium heat, pour 1/3 of the mixture for each pancake.
3. When they look golden on the edges, flip pancakes until the other side is golden.
4. Top with your favourite toppings.