Keep Your Cat Meowing

Meow, Meow, meow, is all I hear when my black cat, Kimba needs a snack and a belly rub…Kimba has recently added a touch of Alzoo’s Ocean Breeze to her litter box routine. This choice not only keeps her litter box fresh but also enhances the ambiance of her private corner. Kimba’s expressive meows and daily activities have found the perfect ally in the Alzoo mineral-based cat litter deodorizer which also comes in Lavender, Sweet Vanilla, and Island Paradise. Alzoo is a concentrated, bad odor suppressor and can be used 30 times which means less frequent scooping for me.

Though she’s litter box-trained, did I mention Kimba is an older, rebellious kitty? In my efforts to discipline her and curb her feline side, I’ve been following the cat training program from Outdoor Bengal. The Crusade, a cat training card set created by cat trainer and behaviorist Albert Colominas, helps your cat dive into the world of feline training. It turns learning into a playful adventure with tricks, tips, and engaging activities. This game is the ultimate helper for teaching your furry friend proper behaviors.

Here are some tips from Outdoor Bengal, to keep in mind when training your cat with The Crusade:

  • Find a treat that your cat goes crazy for. If you are free feeding your cat, consider putting your cat on a feeding schedule, it helps increase the value of your treats.
  • Charge the clicker. This is nothing more than pairing the sound of the click with a reward. The clicker only works if you train your cat first to understand that after a click comes a reward. To do so, click and reward about 10 times (you can repeat it for several sessions over a few days.
  • Start clicking and rewarding when your cat does behaviors you want to see more often!

If  looking to reduce the odors from your cat’s litter box, Alzoo will save time. If looking to keep your cat busy with new activities, try Outdoor Bengal.

Isis Swaby

Culture and Lifestyle Writer

Isis Swaby is a culture and lifestyle writer, artist, and DJ, as well as a native New Yorker. Isis's love for fashion and travel extends into food palettes of amazing world cuisines and spirits. Isis has traveled to Japan and to the tropics of Jamaica, and has completed art residencies with the InterCultural-ODYSSEYS Artist Residency in San Ramon, Costa Rica and the Chashama Studio Artist Residency in Harlem. Worked with brands as likes of Sonos, Apple Music, NTS Radio, Kangol, Redbull, Supreme and VP Records. Based in Brooklyn, NYC and Jersey City, NJ.