Metro Pets: The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar Does Everything

If you have a pet that will likely roam wide and far this summer (or if you want them to be able to), then the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar will provide off-leash peace of mind with an array of incredible features that encompass customizable GEO Fence Containment, GPS Pet Tracking, no-shock training, and health + activity monitoring. Real-time GPS location tracking ensures that your fur baby is safe by knowing their location at all times. Customizable virtual GeoFences creates an area for romping and exploration of your choosing, and you can also create your own “Keep Out Zones” for added safety.

The human, shock-free corrections help to control your pet’s location and/or curb barking when necessary with gentle audible, ultrasonic & vibration corrections. And there are even more features: monitor your pet’s step count, exercise and sleep as well as their overall health + happiness score. Check your pet’s route, distance, and time when you take them on a walk, run, or hike. You can even get alerts when your pet needs a break from the heat or the cold with the collar’s ambient temperature alerts. The Wagz smart collar has a safety light, it’s water-resistant, it comes with a spare rechargeable battery, and you can download the Wagz app to manage one or more dogs. There’s a one year limited warranty, too. It’s loaded with canine-friendly features! This is a great gift for a dog lover.

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Price: $250 + subscription plan $99