So Doggone Delightful

Every dog needs to be fed, watered, and walked. Skip the biscuit and treat your furry friend to dog-related necessities that dare to be different. The essentials featured here are worth the splurge.

What a Stud Black Leather Dog Leash and Collar

FURB’s What a Stud Black Leather Dog Leash is an eye-catching, edgy upgrade of the basic black leash. You won’t see it everywhere because it is exclusive to FURB. Match this stunning 57.6” black leather leash, with its rows of gleaming gold studs and coordinating hardware with the What A Stud Black Leather Dog Collar to turn every dog park visit into a star-studded event.

Fleck Off Speckled Handmade Dog Bowl Set

FURB’s Speckled Handmade Dog Bowl Set proves that dog-related necessities such as dog bowls need not be boring or basic. These handmade ceramic stoneware bowls feature different glazes. One bowl was finished with a semi-gloss glaze and one bowl is finished with a matte glaze. Made in the USA, both food safe bowls sync seamlessly with a diverse range of decors. Their understated speckled appearance and minimalist style is so appealing that I plan on gifting one set to my dog and am relegating one set for use as  cache pots for 2” succulent plants. Below, is a photo of what it looks like as a succulent planter! These bowls are a win-win for both my dog and me!


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