Achieve a Natural Looking Tan with Vari Beauty

As you head to spring break — or in 2021, even to the grocery store — consider Vari Beauty’s collection of skin-perfecting self-tanners that are formulated with premium ingredients to help you achieve a glowing tan. VARI Beauty’s skin-nourishing formulas include collagen, acai, caffeine, and probiotics. The gentle collection includes on-the-go towelettes, lotions, foams, primers, and facial serum to build a streak-free, natural-looking tan.

The VARI Beauty Self-Tanning Facial Serum is formulated with collagen and probiotics, to deliver a natural-looking boost of color and hydration. The seamless, lightweight formula is ideal to use under a daily moisturizer and makeup.

The VARI Beauty Self-Tanning Towelettes are for touch-ups on the go. Each lux-touch towelette is packed with hydrating ingredients that leave skin radiant. Vari Beauty’s Color Guidance Technology is infused into each towelette to ensure an even, streak-free tan.

The VARI Beauty Color Enhancing Primers are designed to prep and prime the skin prior to applying the self-tanner. These primers work with the skin’s pH levels and contain caffeine and acai to help tone the skin while providing a boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Available in Clear Color Enhancing Primer (enhances natural tones), Purple Color Enhancing Primer (balances yellow tones), Blue Color Enhancing Primer (balances orange tones).

The VARI Beauty Self-Tanning Foam is lightweight and packed with amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is available in three shades: Light Sun-Kissed Glow, Medium Off the Beach Bronze, and Dark Exotic Vacation Tan.

The VARI Beauty Self-Tanning Lotion helps you achieve a sun-kissed glow with its collagen and probiotics infused formula that hydrates your skin at the same time. VARI Beauty Self-Tanning Lotions are available in three shades: Light Sun-Kissed Glow, Medium Off the Beach Bronze and Dark Exotic Vacation Tan.

Use The Sunless Mitt with each application to achieve an even, streak-free, natural tan that you can gradually build on with each application.
Unlike many self-tanning formulas, the Vari Collection is featherlight ensuring that you tan gradually without any mishaps. You can simply use it for an enhancing glow or stack up the layers for a deeper tan.

Pack the new essential collection that improves your skin’s appearance for your Spring Break retreat at

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