Anisa Beauty Treatment Tools for Better Skin Absorption

Do you have the feeling sometimes that your creams do not penetrate deep enough into your skin? Applying your skincare products with your fingers is not the best way to get the epidermis to absorb their nutrients. Have you tried treatment tools before? Not only do they improve how your skin absorbs products, but they stimulate the facial muscles by applying pressure on them. The stimulation helps blood flow and brings out a clearer, more glowing complexion. You can also use treatment tools as a way to support lymphatic drainage and clear your skin of toxins.

The Anisa Beauty Treatment Tools are fabulous to use because they are lightweight and easy to move around on your face with their ergonomic handle. After use, you can pack them back in their custom case designed with durable, eco-friendly TPU material. You can easily take them with you on your travels.

The Anisa Beauty Treatment tools include:

The Bean ( zinc alloy tool) named for its kidney bean shape. It helps to de-puff the eye area, and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin because it remains cool at all times, even when it is very hot. Gently press the Bean on your eyes and the delicate skin around them. This tool will change your skincare routine as it really makes a difference on your eyes, allowing better circulation and reducing puffiness.

The Drop ( silicone tool)
A convenient teardrop shape enables this tool in soft gel silicone to press skincare products into the skin to increase penetration and facilitate the application of products in very sensitive areas, including dry patches, acne, sunburn, and post-peel irritation. Use it instead of single-use cotton pads and swabs, to eliminate product waste. A shallow indentation on the top helps it to grip on to skin and press into it better. You will see a difference in how your skin feels after applying creams and oils. It will help you reduce waste as well, as you will need less product to reach deeper into the skin.

The Roller ( studded amethyst roller)
Each roller in genuine amethyst has raised surfaces to massage and promote lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation. You can use it on all areas of the face – even along brows and along the jawline. Simply apply gentle pressure as you move upward and outward. The increased circulation will warm up the surface of the face, opening pores to absorb the product and leave your face glowing.

You can wash the products after use by wiping them gently. Do not freeze or submerge in water. Not only will the collection help you apply oils and creams more efficiently, but it will stimulate your skin to release toxins and to look genuinely healthier and more radiant. Use the tools whenever your face appears drab and tired, to pop up some color back in and be instantly rejuvenated. Order it HERE.


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