Bam! Instant Vacay Glow

Whenever I apply a bronzer, I have to use restraint to avoid looking as if I had fallen into a mud puddle or am headed out for a birthday party clown audition. Let’s face it: using a bronzer can go terribly wrong. It can streak, turn orange, and make you look fake and artificial. What I like about Flyte 70 ColorBack™ Burnished Bronze bronzer is that I can use the multihued bronzer as a blush instead of an overall bronzer because it is a mixture of brown and rosy tones. Applied with a light hand, it creates a natural-looking tawny blush on my fair skin. A woman with a medium to darker skin tone can skip the trip to Maui and simply dust this bronzer over her entire face to give it a “just got back from Maui” burnished bronze look. Enjoy this post-summer tropical goddess look to kick off Fall.


Rachelle Nones


Rachelle keeps up with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, travel, food and beverages, home decor, and entertainment products and services. She adores black and white photography, dogs of every shape and size, bedhead gardens, Craftsman style houses, and savory entrées. Rachelle is a hobbyist photographer and nature lover. Her photographs illustrated her Vermont country store article, which appeared in Grit magazine.

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