Beauty Best Bet: Eraclea for the Life of Your Skin

Eraclea skin care launched a new Vitamin A/Retinol Booster for stronger, healthier skin as we head into the Fall season. Designed to achieve specific, long-term reparative effects, it increases the efficacy of all of your other skincare products and can be used alone or along with them. Vitamin A improves the health of your skin and bolsters its skin firmness and texture, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This also promotes cell turnover for renewal, while protecting your skin and soothing it. In addition to Vitamin A/Retinol, it also contains Celery Seed extract, Broccoli Seed oil, Sunflower Seed oil, and HylaFusion — Eraclea’s proprietary hyaluronic acid complex. Eraclea supports the Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery (AiRS Foundation), a non-profit foundation that provides resources for breast reconstruction surgery for women who can’t otherwise afford it. Nab this! #Eraclea


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