Beauty Best Bet: Eraclea’s Perfectionist 4-in-1 Cream

During this pandemic, simplifying your life and reducing your skincare routine can help you navigate the stresses of living with uncertainty. The Eraclea Perfectionist 4-in-1 Cream with SPF 30 does just that, moisturizing the skin while adding just a bit of tint to harmonize your natural skin color and give it a unified, improved tone. You will definitely appreciate it if you tend to get reddish skin in the heat or shy away from sunscreens that leave a white streak on the face. The chemical formulation is composed of the patented, proprietary HylaSponges® that can hold 100 times their weight in water. A hyaluronic acid complex in the formulation provides long lasting hydration as well; 21.50% zinc oxide ensures adequate sun protection by physically blocking sun light and reflecting and scattering ultra violet rays. Other ingredients include tocopheryl acetate, a free radical scavenger that blocks lipid peroxidation, which can cause cell membrane damage — and retinyl palmitate, an  antioxidant that increases skin elasticity. It also helps to prevent skin roughness resulting from UV exposure. 

To use: smooth gently on to a clean face and neck 15 minutes before sun exposure. You will love how unified your skin tone looks, while imparting a perfected velvety glow without clogging the skin. For all day sun protection, reapply at least every two hours.

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