Beauty Best Bet: EYEKO Fat Liquid Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a makeup bag staple. But while there are plenty of formulas from all brands on the market (gels, pots, felt pens, and more!), getting the perfect outer-eye wing remains a challenge for makeup novices and veterans alike. There are even tools, like tape and guitar picks, that act as guides for achieving a flawless cat-eye flick. But still, many of us struggle and have “off” eyeliner days. One of the best and easy-to-use options is Eyeko’s Fat Liquid Eyeliner pen. It’s a chubby marker with a thick tip that allows you to create a wing with one stroke. It creates a thick enough line so you don’t have to go back and re-trace a previous line, which is often what leads me to have to grab the cotton swab and dip it in eye makeup remover to correct a mistake. So being able to draw a line in one fell swoop is definitely a plus and lessens the margin for error.


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