Beauty Best Bet: Farmer and Chemist, Beauteani, & LumiBloom

Integrate these fantastic products into your life to rejuvenate your summer skin and take your self-care routine to the next level:

Farmer & Chemist Youth Boost
Looking for a new and upcoming clean face mask to smooth, hydrate, and renew your complexion? Check out Farmer & Chemist Youth Boost.The summer months can be harsh on your skin, so this restorative face mask is here to assist with those dry temperatures. Youth Boost’s PCR-rich CBD formula will help you kick back and relax while you refresh. With 0.0% THC, the extraction process utilizes the entire plant for a broad-spectrum oil, containing all phytocannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp. What I like about these masks is that Youth Boost stays firmly on your face, and you can feel the serum working from the moment you put it on. The pack comes with three different masks with individual packaging and is a onetime use application. For maximum results make sure you apply the mask to a cleansed face and use two to three times a week.

Yummy Gummies
When is has been a long day, sometimes you need that extra little bit of help to destress. Farmer & Chemist Yummy Gummies have you covered. These CBD-infused gummies are produced with no harsh chemicals, gluten free, and 0.0% THC. Very effective for pain relief, reducing anxiety, and promoting deep sleep. Sign up with your email and receive 10% off your first order. Find these Farmer & Chemist products and more at

Pamper yourself with the gift of true tranquility. Beautani’s Because Life Peel Off Mask & matching Herbal Beauty Tea are the ideal duo to recharge your batteries. The Because Life Peel Off Mask is simple to prepare and only takes 15-20 minutes to moisturize your skin for a more youthful and glowing complexion. Blended with algin, sunflower seed oil, glycerin, oats, cornflower and calendula, these ingredients work together to give you the premium results you want in a face mask. While you let the mask set and do its magic, enjoy a cup of the Because Life Tea that will warm your body and soul. The tea is a mix of peppermint, lemongrass and ginger root that is seriously energizing and delicious. The Beauteani company uses no parabens. When you make a purchase at Beauteani, you are also supporting Asian-owned beauty brands. Learn more and nab your Beauteani mask and tea exclusively at

There is nothing more enjoyable than stepping into a hot bath when you really want one. Whether it has been a good or bad day, a soothing bath is the perfect way to wind down. To make your purification cleanse even more peaceful and luxurious, add some LumiBloom’s Recovery Bath Salts to your tub. These high-quality CBD bath salts are formulated with dead sea salt, Himalaya salt, essential oils, and Epsom salt to reduce inflammation, and revive your achy muscles and joints. Forget your worries and jump into this CBD oasis of serenity that won’t cost you a fortune. Join with email and receive 20% off your first purchase. For the ultimate relaxation go to


Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

Telina Cuppari is a world explorer who loves people and pizza. Originally from California, Telina speaks three languages and has worked in seven countries and traveled extensively in over 30 nations. She now resides in New Jersey where she holds two Guinness World Records for the Largest Collection of Pizza-Related Items. Her husband was kind enough to let her turn their garage into a pizza museum. Telina received her master’s in Edinburgh, Scotland and after spent three more years in the capital writing for one of the country’s largest newspapers about her failed relationships and dating foreign men. She loves anything beauty related, cooking strange food that’s super healthy, and meeting new people. Telina is the founder of Pizza Kindness. An independent, nonprofit dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the tri-state with pizza-related events and campaigns to support college scholarships and other charitable organizations.

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