BEAUTY BEST BET: KvD Vegan Beauty Shake Primer

Eye shadow primers are an essential part of most of our makeup routines. They truly help cream and powder formulas adhere to lids. They intensify the shadow pigments, too. Primers are usually creamy in nature. So, leave it to KvD Vegan Beauty, formerly Kat Von D Beauty, to disrupt the primer game with an entirely new formulation. The brand’s new KvD Vegan Beauty Shake Primer is invisible and it’s liquid.

KvD Vegan Beauty Shake Primer

You shake the vial, dispense a drop onto your finger, and then dab on your lids. Let the primer dry, pack on the shadow, and blend it out. You’ll notice that your shadow shades have a bit more “POP!” and will last and last with no creasing, caking, or fading. What I love MOST about this product is that it is so light on the lids. Sometimes, thicker primers can feel heavy and muddy. But this baby is invisible and non-intrusive. Try it!