Beauty Best Bet: Madeca Derma, the New Korean SkinCare Wonder

The pharmaceutical K-beauty skincare brand Madeca Derma just launched on Amazon. Rooted in a long medicinal heritage and a deep knowledge of plants, Madeca Derma is known as a best-selling wound-care ointment. Today it has taken its expertise in skin healing to the beauty realm, creating unique products at the frontline of luxurious skincare at an affordable price.  

The secret to Madeca Derma’s highly effective yet clean skincare resides in the plant Centella Asiatica from Madagascar, which is known for its healing, skin strengthening and calming properties to help stimulate the production of collagen and boost hydration. Madeca Derma is a sister brand of the known K-beauty brand, Centellian24.

The Recharge, Replenish and Revitalize Tired Skin Revitalizing Serum is unlike any other, period. It has a luxurious creamy essence texture that melts into the skin elasticizing it on contact easing wrinkles and lines while leaving your skin super clear, bouncy and healed. Perfect for any skin type, it can be applied before the moisturizer. The collagen-stimulating properties of Centella Asiatica hydrate, firm and improve skin appearance giving it a definite rejuvenated look. If your skin has been suffering from stressful environmental factors this summer, this serum can help clear all dryness, dullness, redness and inflammation away while rebuilding the skin barrier. Just a few drops a day will make your skin look more even, solid and glowing. See it HERE.

After applying the serum, finish treating your skin with the Madeca Derma Moisturize and Soothe Sensitive, Dry Skin Revitalizing Facial Cream, a light cream that penetrates the surface of the skin without irritating or clogging even the most sensitive skin, leaving it dewey with a pleasant natural scent. You will love how textured, finished, and clear your skin looks. You won’t even need to apply foundation or any highlighters. Find it HERE.

If your skin is particularly dry, tight and dull these days, heal it quickly with a surge of hydration from the Madeca Derma 100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask for Fresh, Youthful Looking Skin. One application of the creamy essence on your epidermis will fight off free-radicals and infuse your skin with stunning clarity and brightness. Niacinamide helps minimize redness, pores, and gives protection from sun damage. Adenosine and red-algae aid in firming and lifting. Suitable for all skin types, simply apply the 100% pure cotton sheet mask to your visage. The dewiness is unique and addicting. Find the box of 10 purifying masks HERE.
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