Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Urban Decay x Prince So Dark Kajal Eyeliner

“Too many” is never an amount of black eyeliners in one’s makeup bag, kit, or drawer. There is ALWAYS room for one more black liner. It’s truly the most universal makeup product, IMO. So what’s so special about the Urban Decay x Prince So Dark Kajal Eyeliner? Oh, let me count the ways. It’s inky. It’s creamy. It’s vegan. It glides on your lids like buttah! It’s UD, so it’s ultra-high quality. It’s inspired by Prince’s signature smoldering eye looks. Need I utter another syllable? Nope. So here’s how to use it effectively. Apply it directly to your upper lid and proceed to smoke and smudge it with your finger. Gently press the super pigmented formula into your eyelid skin for that “I got in too late to wash my face” look. We’re certainly not advocating sleeping in your makeup, of course. That’s not good for your precious eyes or your skin. But we do advocate creating makeup looks on a clean canvas that make it look and seem like you slept in your makeup. You can achieve that messy, lived-in liner look with this rich, delish liner pencil. Prince was both a musical and style icon. Re-create his unforgettable and sexy eye looks with this magic stick.